Friday, October 09, 2009

A Little Revamping

Hi everyone! Some of you know me from when I started this blog a few years back and others I haven't introduced myself to at all to. My apologies for that. I'm Giselle McMenamin a fellow artist that dabbles in children's book illustation as well as fine art. I took a hiatus from this blog while I focused on getting my fine art portfolio a bit more polished. I've gotten that much done and am presently exhibiting my work along with doing my masters in studio art. I'm taking a course in illustration with Bruce Waldman a great professor to say the least. Anyway, I've been inspired to develop my witch character ( that's her up there) further because of him mainly and put together a book dummy to send out to publishers. I very much hope you all can continue to participate and post your works on here in an effort to receive good feedback and support from me as well as I from you. I'm going to make the blog public once again like it was in its infancy in order to get more interaction from other sources and promote ourselves as children's book illustrators. Anyone that wishes to have their previous posts removed because of privacy issues please let me know and I will delete them. Let me know your thoughts and whether you'd like to stay on board. Just wanted to let everyone know that it will be going public in two weeks. Looking forward to to seeing your work on here!!