Wednesday, November 12, 2008

OK I think I'm done?

Ok my friends, I realize I didn't even do my crits last week!!! Time just got away from me. My apologies really. My daughter was in a college art show ( she's still a senior in HS, brag brag) and sold her first painting!!!! I was so excited for her. I should post her work so you can take a look. Anyway, between the artshow, driving my son back to college after being home for the weekend, cooking, cleaning and prepping for my art history course ( only four classes left yay!!!) there was basically no time for moi. I managed to finally finish this piece today. Thank God. I was getting tired of looking at it sitting on my drafting table. Let me know what needs tweaking. I'm off to do my crits I failed to complete so take a look. Hope everyone has a wonderful week. Oh and thanks for all of your kind words. I wouldn't be doing any of this if it wasn't for this group!!!


  1. Hi Giselle, Definitely post your daughter's art!

    I still think the background is competing with the witch. It actually was not a problem in previous versions because you had one muted tone in the background. Maybe you could try laying a bluish grey wash over it so that A. the colors are more muted and B. the blue will pull things back. It is a shame to take away from the witch.

    The witch btw, is amazing - her skin, her hand, the of your best yet.

  2. Giselle,
    I really love how this piece came out. And I agree, this is one of your best pieces yet that I've seen. I think your confidence level while creating this piece really shines through.

    I see Carlyn's point about the "background" competing with the witch but I am torn. I really love looking at all the details and I am not sure I would have noticed them as much if they hadn't been as bright. But on the other hand, I am not experienced enough in creating pieces like this to disagree with her solution. In photoshop, cant you lay a "test wash" so to speak to see if you like it better?

    However you decide, I really do think this is a wonderful illio and needs to be seen by some art directors. You would be sure to get some work from this! Congrats on a job well done!!!


  3. I really love this painting- what a witch! The issue about the background vs. the foreground is an interesting one. I do always tend to want to tone down the background and have a clear focal point. You obviously have focused on the witch but I do see Carlyn's point. Experimenting with some blues in the back might work to tone down all those warm colors which pull us to them. Still, the details are fabulous and that won't be lost. The gold edges of the shelves in particular seem to jump out too much. Other than that this is an amazing piece and I agree- get it seen!

  4. Hi Giselle -
    This is so awesomely, wickedly, magical! I love this painting and agree it is one of your best! The witch is amazing, (her hair, clothes, face, hands, skull bracelet, etc..) and my boyfriend mentioned (as he was walking by,) that he really liked the marble effect in the crystal ball. I think it was to the tone of, "cool marble effect!"
    I epecially love the details in the background and I agree that playing around with some blue/black wash could help tone down some hilights, while keeping the details. And/Or Also, maybe you can play around with the brightness/contrast in photoshop. And you can even select a certain area of the illustration that you'd like to add more contrast in. That's what I just did with the Spike illustration I posted last week - and wow, what difference it made - it's like having a V8! And it made the stars really stand out - which in your illustration, could make all of those critters on the shelves and that green potion pop out more, while adding more shadow to the background as well.
    I really love this peice and it's going to attract some major attention from the AD's for sure. Toodles for now and Bravo my friend. Oh, and yes, we'd love to see some of your daughters work too. Art is a cool talent to pass on to your kids, and their kids, and so on.... Chris:)