Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A little photoshopping


Hello ladies,
Just thought I'd post an update on my witch lady here. I photoshopped the top piece a bit and darkened the right part of the background as suggested. I also pumped up the contrast on the green slime droplets. I'm still worried that the details will be lost so that's why I didn't make it even darker. You let me know though. For next week I hope to have a Xmas themed sketch done. I'm praying this time I get it done before the actual holiday! I guess I do that to myself to put the pressure on to get something out there.

On another note, I also didn't get anything new done because I was in the hospital over the weekend. I had a terrible episode with kidney stones! Not fun let me tell you. For the most part it's over now but I have to get some more tests done to make sure there are no more stones. Ok just thought I'd fill you in. Won't get into all the fun details. Hope everyone has a good productive week.


  1. Giselle,

    I really like the photoshopped version.It definately made a difference and although you layered the haze, it wasn't so dark that all the fun details in the backgropund dissappeared. I even like the brighter slime. It's amazing to me that even the most subtle changes can make such a difference.

    On a different note, I am sorry to hear about your health issues. My cousin suffers from kidney stones and says they are horrible, almost like childbirth. My heart goes out to you and I hope you are feeling better each day.

  2. Kidney stones! yikes I have heard that those are more painful than childbirth.

    On a positive note, you've done witchs everywhere proud. I like the photoshopped version better personally. I think it makes your eye stay on the witch first and then you move backward and see all the hilarious details in the shelf. Your compositions, color and sense of action are all there. This piece is definitely going to get you some work. It has almost a cinema-like of drama to it.

  3. Hi Giselle -
    This is looking good - and the difference is subtle, but I think it's just right. It's beautiful!
    Sorry to hear about those kidney stones - my sister had that trouble a couple of years ago - and like you said...not fun.
    Why do these things always happen during the holidays?
    Good luck with the tests and I hope all goes smoothly - in more ways then one. Take care of you and get some rest. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving. Chris

  4. I'm a bit late so I hope by now you're feeling better and those Kidney stones are all kaput. That must ahve been so terible for you!

    As everyone else has mentioned- this is Fabulous. The photoshopped one does keep the focus on that amazing witch. This is a winner for sure!