Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A little photoshopping


Hello ladies,
Just thought I'd post an update on my witch lady here. I photoshopped the top piece a bit and darkened the right part of the background as suggested. I also pumped up the contrast on the green slime droplets. I'm still worried that the details will be lost so that's why I didn't make it even darker. You let me know though. For next week I hope to have a Xmas themed sketch done. I'm praying this time I get it done before the actual holiday! I guess I do that to myself to put the pressure on to get something out there.

On another note, I also didn't get anything new done because I was in the hospital over the weekend. I had a terrible episode with kidney stones! Not fun let me tell you. For the most part it's over now but I have to get some more tests done to make sure there are no more stones. Ok just thought I'd fill you in. Won't get into all the fun details. Hope everyone has a good productive week.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

OK I think I'm done?

Ok my friends, I realize I didn't even do my crits last week!!! Time just got away from me. My apologies really. My daughter was in a college art show ( she's still a senior in HS, brag brag) and sold her first painting!!!! I was so excited for her. I should post her work so you can take a look. Anyway, between the artshow, driving my son back to college after being home for the weekend, cooking, cleaning and prepping for my art history course ( only four classes left yay!!!) there was basically no time for moi. I managed to finally finish this piece today. Thank God. I was getting tired of looking at it sitting on my drafting table. Let me know what needs tweaking. I'm off to do my crits I failed to complete so take a look. Hope everyone has a wonderful week. Oh and thanks for all of your kind words. I wouldn't be doing any of this if it wasn't for this group!!!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Not quite done

Hi ladies,
Thank you so much for all of your kind words! I was hoping to get this up here today finished but I guess it will have to be next week. After a while the other day painting this one I kept saying to myself " Why so many details Giselle????". Anyway, as much as I love details it's taking me quite a bit of time painting them in! The other thing that happened is that I kept having to go over and over some spots to cover up my ink ing lines. It never happened before but for some reason they kept resurfacing after painting them over. I think I was using too much of my drying agent and didn't realize the amount of paint I was putting down was actually much thinner than what it was. I was doing this to get it to dry faster so I could go to the next layer and I was actually slowing myself down because I kept having to repaint! The agent was making it look thicker than it was but when it dried of course it would thin. Anyway you learn from your mistakes right. OK enough rambling. I'm off to a little school visit this afternoon to do some fun activities with an art club and show them some of my illustrations. A great way to see what kids that aren't related to me really think. Have a great rest of the week.