Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Underpainting Stage

Above: Actual piece

Below: photoshop ideas

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for all of the feedback on this piece last week. Debbie glad you spotted my perspective "ooops" in the corner there. I will be adjusting that thanks though! Shouldn't be a big hassle at this stage. The top version is what it actually looks like right now. I've started my underpainting and will of course be adding layers of color when I'm done with this part of it. The witch will have salt and pepper scraggly hair. Hopefully my glazes will let most of the underpainting values show through. My question to you is this; Does the bottom piece seem good in terms of "lighting"? This bottom version is the effect I'm aiming for but haven't actually painted yet on the canvas, it's just the piece manipulated using photoshop. I find it's a great tool to use to see what something might look like before mistakes are made. I've darkened the background and tried to keep the focus on her and the lit up ball. Don't worry the little critters on the wall will all be highlighted but will be in shadow somewhat. Let me know your thoughts, your feedback is invaluable!


  1. Hi Giselle -
    These are so awesome! I'm so glad you're painting again and what a come back! The details are amazing and I love the witches face, hair and those knarly hands too. Great job. I like how the photoshoped version is looking - and I think it's perfect lighiting and green color or her face - so go for it.
    I know you want to add salt/pepper hilights to her hair, but, I love the brown color/underpainting so far - it would be great if you can keep some of that brown color in her hair and possibly a little throughout the painting.
    Have fun and a bewitchingly, happy Halloween! Chris :)

  2. Wow Giselle, this is fabulous. Her highlights on Photoshop are awesome- how did you do that? (You don't have to answer that- I know it's way beyond me right now). You've got the glow perfect and the underpainting is going really well. I do like the brown hair also but I think you'll have to make the hair or the hat darker or at least different from each other or it will look like it's a hairy hat.
    Are you planning to bring in a little color on the shelves in the back? I'm also anxious to see the color on the inside of the glass ball. I'm trying to figure out how I would handle that and I don't know. Good luck with this- I'm excited to see more!

  3. OMG! Giselle, I knew this would be impressive, but you've blown my socks off!!!! The hair looks so real I fought the urge to reach up and touch the screen!If this is only the beginning, the next few week will be exciting! The PS lighting works fantasticly, and I love her fleshy-green skin.
    If I were still a kid, she would scare the beegeezes out of me!!!!

    I think at this point, your greatest challenge will be getting the rest to look as real as she does!

    In the immortal words of Harry Potter, "Brilliant!"

  4. Hi Giselle, this looks amazing! I love how the skin is coming out but I would just try not to lose some of the texture that you have in the underpanting. And you are probably already planning on doing this but I think the hat should be darker in relation to the hair. Salt and pepper greyish hair would balance nicely with the greyish bookcase. The brown hair looks a little flat right now but i know you just started.

    I never know what suggestions to make on an unfinished painting because its...ah well unfinished...but so far it is looking great.