Wednesday, August 20, 2008

College drop off

Hi everyone,

I just got back from dropping off my oldest, Tommy, at college. Wow that was really hard. I didn't think it was going to be as difficult as it was only because he's pretty closeby, Stevens Institute of Technology right in Hoboken NJ 1 hr south of us. I'm really sad right now. I held it together at the goodbyes and contained the big knot in my throat. Gave him lots of encouragement and stole a lot of hugs and kisses. God I miss him so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nevertheless I know he's happy and was totally excited to be there. Then again I also could sense his angst at all of the newness and having to figure everything out on his own for the first time. That was the killer! Not to be able to be there for him. Such is life right. On the brighter side his roommate turned out to be wonderful. They both seemed to have the same easy going temperament so I was totally relieved. Met the mom and siblings too. I thought I was overprotective but goodness she seemed like she couldn't get herself to leave. I felt her pain totally. A lovely woman nevertheless.
Tomorrow I have to go to Dominican College where I start teaching art history on Monday to check out the AV equipment and make sure everything is in working order for my first class. Thanks for letting me vent. I feel a little better now. Anyway, just an update on my life this week. No artwork to speak of.


  1. Giselle, I can't imagine it and I'm dreading it myself! (I want to cry when I dorp my son off at marching band parctice because he's surrounded my high schoolers and it reminds how fast it goes!)

    That's great that the roomate is nice- that's so big I think.
    But good luck with your prep clas, professor! (Will you be called professor?)

  2. Giselle,
    I know how hard it is dropping off the kids at college. When we dropped my oldest, it was bittersweet. She was at a point that she really needed to leave before we killed each other but I was also sure that was just her way of dealing with her own fears. I was well seasoned by the time we started bringing my younger one up to college. Both my girls went to the same one and my older one (a very capable young lady!) sort of looked out for my younger one (who is brilliant but cannot get out of her own way!) so we felt a bit better. By the time my son goes, I will most likely be a mess again. As I said, it's never easy.

    The only thing that will be consoling me is that for boys, you don't have to haul as much stuff. I remember looking at the girls piles laid out on the sidewalk at the unloading area . Ten feet in all directions (including up!) of boxes and boxes and trunks and bags. The boys had a 2 ft square area that consisted of a suitcase, a stereo and a pillow. I hate to say it but i still pack that way!

    Good luck with classes. I start teaching in a week but I just found out I need knee surgery so I will be taking a quick hiatus right after I start, who-boy, they're going to love me! Oh well, best of luck on your first day!

  3. Good luck with your classes. You have to tell us which paintings you feature. I love art history. I wish I was taking your class!

  4. I've got my fingers crossed for you regarding your new class. I know they'll love you as much as we do.

    Just 3 short years ago, I saw my niece off to college. She moved from home in Florida, to NCU at Chapel Hill. The following year she was off to England for a semester overseas!

    My point is, I sorta know what you're going through. I don't have kids, but my brother and his wife were kind enough to share her. I cried like a baby when she left, knowing that it would be a long time between visits.

    She has kept us close through e-mail, pictures and reports of her outstanding achievements. I've missed her, but I've been comforted in knowing that she had opportunities that she deserved, the true college experience, made friends for a lifetime, and she's on her way to a fulfilling her dreams! Take heart my friend, Tommy will too.

  5. Hi Giselle - well, it's nice to know that you and your son are growing up. I don't have kids of my own, (wish I did though,) but, we have nephews and neices who are college age and are discovering that they have aunts and uncles to write too, call and visit. It's really cool - but, I feel for my sister in-law, as my nephew has been in Sweden visiting his girlfriend for the whole Summer. He's back as of yesterday and going back to college next week. It must be hard setting them free, but, now, it's their turn to become young men and women. Oh, and congrats on starting your new job at the college - how exciting! Even checking the A/V equipement can be fun -when it works! (I used to be an A/V tech. for a few years in my 20's - in fact, all of my 20's) Good luck and I hope you had a great 1st week of teaching Art History. That must be so much fun! Oh, are you teaching an undergrad or grad course? Toodles for now - Chris

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