Monday, July 07, 2008

A little more Samson and I'm sick of studying!

I'm happy to say I got a little bit of drawing time in this week and worked on this Samson book dummy sketch. It's where the little boy that's looking at him through the tank (illo below in color) finally gets in there and grabs Samson by the leg. Samson is suppose to be ecstatic at the prospect of getting "out" of the tank so although he looks a bit coy he's loving it! Let me know if the expression comes across with that in mind. I realize right off the bat that I have to make the finger's of the hand in the sketch above smaller so that it's consistant with the bottom color illo. Have a fabulous week everyone!!!!!!!!


  1. Giselle,

    I just love the expression on Sampson. I think it does exactly what you wanted it to. I love seeing him so close up.

    As for the size of his fingers, you're right. Sampson's feet need to be wider.

    I can't wait to see this finished. I'm falling for Sampson. He has wiggled his way into my heart!

  2. Hi Giselle,
    I agree his expression PERFECT! It does look like Sampson is too small compared to the fingers although the fingers are so well drawn and I love the largeness compared to the tiny turtle. But I guess we do have to be consistant in this biz! Looking at the full color painting it looks like Sampson's head is about twice the size of the boy's thumb.
    But this really is a great drawing and a fabulous pint of view. I too have a crush on that little guy!

  3. This expression is priceless. The feeling of coy and joy is very apparent.

    The relationship of the thumb size and tortoise foot size needs to be more consistent with the painted version, but that is going to be easy to fix before you begin painting.
    Everything about this story so far is just wonderful and I hope you plan to dummy it up and send it out.

    I also hope that when the ADs see your postcard they will ask to see more of the same story!

  4. Hey Giselle!

    Pefect! Samson's expression is just priceless! He looks like "oh shucks, me? You're going to take me outta here? Aw, thanks buddy!" And, of course as has been mentioned, the drawing of the hand is perfecto, just shrink it and you're golden!

    And hey, don't study your summer away! Keep in mind you only need to be one step ahead of the class, not 20! I remember when a good friend of mine who taught history started teaching an era she wasn't as familiar with, she told me she just made sure she'd read the chapters before the students' did is all! Heck, I do the same things now with my own lessons - if I'm thinking about a project that would work great with an artist I'm not that familiar with, I just make sure I am familiar with him/her before they walk in the door! So do enjoy your summer and I'm glad to see you haven't put away your drawing materials altogether! :)


  5. Giselle,

    I LOVE this composition!!!The turtle is absolutely adorable and you definately nailed the expression. (I am definately partial to closeups) I would actually love to see even a little more of the hand which would drop the illio down on the page a touch and make that adorable turtle more center stage.

    I know you were thinking of making the hand a little smaller I am so not sure of human features yet, I am only learning but the hand size appears in proportion to me.

    Overall I think this is a great sketch and I cannot wait to see the colored version. Great job!

  6. Hi Giselle,

    It looks like the other girls have said everything for me! The sketch and expression are fantastic, can't wait to see the color:-)

  7. Wahoo Giselle! I'm so happy to see Samson again! He's looking good and I love his expression - I wouldn't change it at all. I see what you mean about the fingers and I'm sure by the time you get this crit, you'll have it corrected already. Good luck with studying and I'm glad you're taking a break to draw! Bravo for you - Chris