Monday, June 30, 2008

Sent out another book dummy!

Hi girls,

Didn't get too much done this week except to get another copy of my book dummy out. I'm continuing to focus on marketing and studying for my class in the Fall. Have a great week! looking forward to doing my critiques on time this week!!!


  1. Good wishes for the dummy, Giselle. Have a good and productive week.

  2. Giselle -
    Congrats on getting Red back out there! And have fun studying for your Fall class - that must be so wonderful to be studying such cool art history!
    Good luck and Happy 4th! Oh, and do tell Samson I say hello! Hope you're getting a chance to do a little work on him here and there during this Summer. Chris

  3. Thanks Giselle for all your nice comments on my picture- the foot transition was your recomendation! Another reason why I'm so glad to have all of you guys at my disposal!
    Great to hear that you're getting work done in spite of the kids- am I to understand that you have four? Three is overwhelming to me- KUDOS!

  4. In spite of everything, you're still getting "Red" out the're one amazing mom, and a great ring leader!

    I have my fingers crossed for you. Hugs, Lisa