Monday, June 09, 2008

No Art but feeling better

Hi Ladies,

Glad to see everyone on here today. Sorry to say I'm all out of steam for this week's posting. Thank you for your well wishes too. I'm in much better shape now thank goodness. Sorry about not getting to my crits last week. Looking forward to getting back in the groove again for this week. Have a wonderfully productive week. And stay Cool, for all of you in the northeast!


  1. Hi Giselle, Hope you bounce back as quickly as possible. And you stay cool too. We are expecting 99 degrees today, which means it will be a drippy day.

    Take care of yourself and enjoy the fact that you can at least get rest right now and not have to run those angelic errands all day as you did just a few weeks ago. Sometimes our lives change overnight and it takes us a few weeks to realize the difference.

    Looking forward to all the news you will have to share about your teaching and your art.

  2. Hi Giselle -
    Hope you're feeling better - that flu that's been going around in the NE is pretty nasty -and it likes to come back, over and over. I've had 2 rounds of it- and still trying to catch up on rest.
    So, take care and don't push yourself. Till next week - stay cool - (glad that heat wave went away - at least for a few days. )
    Chris :)