Sunday, May 25, 2008

New Postcard

Hi Ladies,
Hope everyone is relaxing and enjoying this wonderful holiday weekend. I'm zonked personally from lots of outdoor activity but figured I'd get a head start this week posting a few minutes before midnight knowing too well tomorrow will just run away from me with everyone home and looking for food and fun! Anyway, this is a promo piece I worked on this week along with printing out another copy of my Little Red book dummy to send out on Tuesday. I've already gotten two rejections for it but life most go on darn it!
I had lots of fun putting this promo piece together duplicating some of my own painted pebbles from the tank and making them look like they are popping off the page. You let me know if it works or if I need to adjust anything. On another note, thanks so much everyone for your concerns about my overloading on teaching jobs. I'm doing OK actually, the Dominican College position for the Fall is just one course, once a week right now ( Art History, which I'm furiously reviewing material for but enjoying believe it or not) and then in the Spring I'll add one or two painting courses which are less work and a lot more fun. My other current job at the JCC community center is really easy with small classes and little stress, painting and drawing for adults. I might have to give up the latter if things get hairy come the Fall. The Dominican job pays a lot better and is more what I was looking for and so focusing on keeping it for long term. The new adjunct position at our local community college I haven't heard anything from yet in terms of acknowledging my inquiry so we'll see. It would also be a one course kind of thing I think anyway. I love teaching so I figure if the opportunities arise nearby I'm jumping on them. My true goal is to keep a school calender schedule so it doesn't interfere with the rearing of my little munchkins. I can be at work while they are at school, holidays off and summers off etc. And of course still be able to focus on the freelancing. Enough rambling right. Have a great rest of the week and keep it all coming!!!


  1. HI Giselle, Happy Weekend to you too!

    The postcard on both sides is very good, but there is one thing that bothers me. The fact that you can't easily see your email or phone number may make it hard for Art Directors to quickly take a look and contact you.

    The contact information on the front and back needs to be seen by an Art Director from a distance. I mean, once it is, Hopefully, up on the Bulletin Board in plain view your email needs to jump out along with the website url. In either case I don't think you really need to put the phone number on the front. The email and website should be sufficient. Your address and phone number should be on the back, however. I like to keep that information to the top left so as not to confuse the mailman.
    I am guessing the backside of the card has white space to the right of the dog for the publisher's address.

    I like the composition and the choice of artwork. The little boy and his turtle are beautifully done and interact in a way that is sure to attract attention. You created a wonderful mood and a delightful pair! The doggie, as well is really cute, animated and an attention getter.

  2. I agree with Ginger. This is an attention getter, and how clever you are to have the 3-D pebbles spraying around-leaping off the card! You're such a smarty pants, it's no wonder we all love you and learn so much from you. Way to go!!

  3. Hi Giselle,

    The postcard looks great. I really like how the pebbles are sprayed out. And I like the black background as well, it makes the artwork pop. The dog is really cute, but I was wondering if you have a finished Samson in another pose? I was just thinking about how you always hear art directors talk about wanting to see illustrators do a character more than once to show that they can do it consistently. It may be a great way to show that.

    Don't get downhearted about the rejections. Although I know they are hard to get. Everytime I get a response card back with a no thanks, I can't help but feel down for awhile. But your book is beautiful and you hear a lot about great books being turned down many times before finally getting published. I really think Red is going to get there as well as soon as it finds the right publisher!


  4. Hi Giselle!
    What a fantastic promo piece! I love it - Samson looks great and that dog is a hoot! I like the black background and I think the pebbles are rolling out just fine - the effect works for me!
    Sorry to hear about the rejects on Red- but, hang in there, send her back out and get Samson out there too. A lot of times editors reject stories/picture books not because they don't like them, (they may even love the book) but, because they may already have several similar stories on their book lists - and it seems there's been a boom in Red Riding Hood stories lately. I bet, once Samson is out there - then you may get more bites.
    At least you have a beautiful dummy of Red for your portfolio - I wouldn't change it at all - just keep resending and you'll persevere by golly!
    Oh, and congrats on all of your art teaching jobs - and you're right, if you have the right, flexible day job, teaching your craft and being paid well - that's a good way to support the freelance illustrating until you win the caldecott award - or the golden kite like our beloved Carlyn.
    Good luck - and I'm sorry so late on the crits this week - it was a long work week and that chest cold likes to hang on - hopefully I'll get some sleep today or tomorrow. After next week, things will get back to normal - sort of.
    Well, that's all for now - and get this promo out there! It will grab attention for sure -especially if you print it on glossy paper. Toodles, Chris:)

  5. Giselle,
    The postcard just glows. I love the idea of bringing some of the pebbles out into the card. What a great touch. The image is wonderful and looks great on the black background. I'm sure this will bring you some great jobs. The fact that it is in oils is also fantastic. I can't imagine how on earth you are taking on so many teaching jobs. I hope you don't wear yourself out! It's always invigorating, but then exhausting as well.