Sunday, May 25, 2008

New Postcard

Hi Ladies,
Hope everyone is relaxing and enjoying this wonderful holiday weekend. I'm zonked personally from lots of outdoor activity but figured I'd get a head start this week posting a few minutes before midnight knowing too well tomorrow will just run away from me with everyone home and looking for food and fun! Anyway, this is a promo piece I worked on this week along with printing out another copy of my Little Red book dummy to send out on Tuesday. I've already gotten two rejections for it but life most go on darn it!
I had lots of fun putting this promo piece together duplicating some of my own painted pebbles from the tank and making them look like they are popping off the page. You let me know if it works or if I need to adjust anything. On another note, thanks so much everyone for your concerns about my overloading on teaching jobs. I'm doing OK actually, the Dominican College position for the Fall is just one course, once a week right now ( Art History, which I'm furiously reviewing material for but enjoying believe it or not) and then in the Spring I'll add one or two painting courses which are less work and a lot more fun. My other current job at the JCC community center is really easy with small classes and little stress, painting and drawing for adults. I might have to give up the latter if things get hairy come the Fall. The Dominican job pays a lot better and is more what I was looking for and so focusing on keeping it for long term. The new adjunct position at our local community college I haven't heard anything from yet in terms of acknowledging my inquiry so we'll see. It would also be a one course kind of thing I think anyway. I love teaching so I figure if the opportunities arise nearby I'm jumping on them. My true goal is to keep a school calender schedule so it doesn't interfere with the rearing of my little munchkins. I can be at work while they are at school, holidays off and summers off etc. And of course still be able to focus on the freelancing. Enough rambling right. Have a great rest of the week and keep it all coming!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Working on getting another adjunct college job

Hi ladies,

Sorry to say I wasn't able to work on my book dummy this week. I am on the other hand working on getting another adjunct teaching position at our community college here in Rockland. Just found out through the grapevine that some openings are going into effect for this summer and Fall in their art department so I pounced on the opportunity and sent out a cover letter and updated resume. At this stage in my life I have to try to get as much employment as possible with my son Tommy going to college in September and my daughter Caitlin the following year! Anyway hope everyone else is back on board for this week and there are some beautiful children's book illo's to see. Have a great week my friends.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Color Sketch

Hi ladies,

Hope everyone had a good weekend! We had a double whammy here. My 7 yr old, Evan, had his First Holy Communion on Saturday and then of course Mother's Day on Sunday. Phew! Didn't think I'd make it! Much fun was had but to tell you the truth I'm quite happy (and exhausted) Monday rolled around so that I could focus on my art. I didn't get anything new done other than pull up this color sketch I think I'm going to turn into a party scene for my Samson story. This will be where he brings gifts to all of the little forest friends he meets during his initial escapade outside the confines of his glass tank. I know he doesn't look like my other Samson but it's just the concept I'm working on at this stage. Let me know your thoughts my friends. Have a highly productive week!!!!