Sunday, March 16, 2008

More Progress, I hope!

Present state:

Started working on ear and extended arm and hand:

More skin tone layers all over. Finalized mouth and eyes:

Where I left off last week:
Hi ladies,
Just wanted to say thanks so much for all of your support and encouragement as usual! Posting a tad early here because well with tomorrow being St.Patrick's day and with a name like McMenamin you know I'm making corned beef and cabbage for dinner and will be busy in the kitchen from early in the morning! Also half of my brew is off from school tomorrow so I won't have the normal amount of piece and quiet I usually have on Monday's. Argh! Although I don't have a drop of Irish blood in me I married someone that has a lot of it and so will be very dissapointed if I don't serve all the fixings! On another note, this piece has tested me thus far so all of your feedback has been a very positive source of inspiration. Here are a couple of more stages of my illo starting with last week's piece at the bottom and all the way to where I am right now. Oh and by the way it is an oil. I use MAX water soluble oil paints with "QuickDry Alkyd" gel as a medium. It has a drying agent in it and works miraculously! The painting dries to the touch overnight. I also use Turpenoid a non toxic kind of fake turpentine made from pine tree sap. Eventhough the paints are water soluble in still takes a while to clean the brushes with soap and water so I soak then in the turpenoid first rinse then do the soap and water. I really hope to finish this piece by the end of the week well with Easter coming and a few festivities we're going to have I know I'll never get any artwork done next weekend! Anyway, let me know your thoughts positive and negative of course. It all helps. have a wonderfully productive week!


  1. Wow, Giselle,
    This is looking really wonderful! Nice work with the oils and it looks like that new (or rather olde) technique you tried has really payed off.
    Bravo! It's cool that you're working in oil and thanks for the paint tips. I want to paint in oil again, but, we live in a little cabin, with big wood stove from Norway - so, painting with oils in the Winter in Vermont, don't work for me so well. But, when late Spring, Summer and early Fall are here, I get to paint in the garage - that's were the oils are kept. And you know, they do thaw out after Winter, by golly.
    Hope you're getting some rest after cooking that big Irish feast! My mom is 76 yrs old and she cooked up corned beef and cabbage for approx. 20 people at her senior complex yesterday. Yep, she's still kickin and still stubborn. Although, she was exhausted today, poor thing.

  2. Gorgeous!

    That should be enough. The tone you have achieved is so lifelike. What a great technique you have developed. The spark between the boy and his pet is evident and the child looks so lifelike I could reach out and HUG him.

  3. You have done such a great job both in retaining the details of the sketch and telling a story in this painting. The boy's face is perfect and, yes I too would love a big hug! Great job!!
    And thanks for showing your progession like that- I crave these deatials form you guys!

  4. Hi Giselle,

    I'd say you're done! I love the softness you achieved using this method, and Sampson is just so darn cute.

    You have just the right mix of reality and the whimsey necessary to please your young readers!

    I hope we see more like this in the future, it is truely unique and wonderful!

  5. Hi Giselle,

    I think the other girls have said it all, it looks beautiful! I really liked Samson in the sketch, but I just love him in the painting! His eyes and expression are just so cute. Once you add in a few highlights on the boy it's going to look so great. I think you have definitely got a winner of a book dummy:-)


  6. Ok, I just looked at it again, and I must not have been looking at the most recent one last time, because it definitely doesn't need any highlights, the boy is perfect!