Monday, March 03, 2008

A little color

Hi ladies,
Really sorry about the terrible picture I took of my latest illo with my digital camera. I'm working in oils this time and didn't get it dry enough to lay on my precious scanner. I stink at taking photograpghs as you can see. Nevertheless, I'm having fun with this piece thus far. I know I've lost a lot of the detail but I will be working it all back in. Hopefully next week I'll be able to scan the piece so you can see it better. On another note, I got a letter this week from a local private college, Dominican, about an adjunct position opening up this Fall in their growing Humanities dept. They want to build their art foundation courses and are looking for prospective teachers. I only have me BA and they stated they preferred someone with a Masters but I sent my resume in anyway! I'd be crazy not to. Anyway, I'm waiting for the call to be interviewed or the rejection letter. Wish me luck. Hope everyone has a wonderfully productive week! Oh, I did end up getting the go ahead to give a workshop on how to start and maintain an online critique group at ACOR, Arts Council of Rockland! That was exciting. I'll be doing it this summer and actually be paid YES!!!!!


  1. Oils, my how brave you are!

    I can see clearly that you took everyone's advice and made corrections. It's really going to pay off. I can't wait to see the final product...nice beginning.

    Many congrats to you on your workshop. If you need any written reviews on your abilities as a group leader, I'm sure we could all pitch in and sing your praises! Just give the word and I'll start typing!!! :D Hugs, Lisa

  2. GOOD LUCK with the Dominican College position. They would be crazy not to hire you. What a gift they would have in you. WE can write recommendations!

    I like this piece a lot. I can see the modeling in the face and hands is beginning to take shape. The point of view and the interaction between Samson and his friend is very effective and really works well. The expressions on both of their faces tell the story of a bond between them. The subtle tones here are working well.

    How large is this painting? I would love to know more about the type of canvas you use. I know that some of the artists here use board, some use illustration board and some may use high quality watercolor paper.

  3. Thank you for your kind words ladies! Ginger, I'm actually using a high quality watercolor board. It just so happens I started this out in gouache and got tired of the flatness of the colors. I love oils and have what you call MAX water soluble oils. I use linseed oil for thinning and wash up with soap and water. No stinky turpentine to deal with! Don't like the fumes especially with the kids around.Seems to be taking well to the board so I'm going for it. I usually would do an oil on a regular canvas pre-stretched and gessoed. We'll see how it turns out.

  4. Giselle -
    Congrats on getting the class for 0n-line critiques going and for the invite to apply for a teaching position at Dominican College. Good luck with that!
    As for Sampson, I like where you're taking the colors - great start!
    Have fun and Happy painting! Chris

  5. Hi Giselle,
    This is a beatuiful start, The boy's expression is perfect and filled with the detail of the sketch. And ofcourse Samson is precious as usual! I'm wondering how you will paint the glass and the things behind it. You are so talented and bravo for using oils which are only a distant memory for me from my few college courses.
    And congrats on the workshop and potential job offer!! That's wonderful and yes I will testify to your expertise to both!
    Can't wait to see more!

  6. Hi Giselle,

    The painting is looking great so far, I can't wait to see it in it's final state. When you put the green on Sampson, it's really going to pop:-) Congrats on the job offer! I hope you get it, I'll have my fingers crossed for you! As for teaching a workshop on running an online critique group, there is no one better than you:-)


  7. WOw..this is looking really nice. The rich texture and smoothness is wonderful..and the color is beautiful...nice tones and values. I can tell you are enjoying working on it.
    You have got so much going on! Best wishes for your prospects at the school and also the paid position teaching about online crit groups. What a great opportunity. You will be in my thoughts and prayers for the job opportunity teaching at the local private school. I'm sure you hsve a very good chance of getting the job.