Monday, February 04, 2008

Work, work , work

Hi ladies,

Sorry to say I got absolutely nothing done illustration wise this past week. Pretty much taught my classes, which are going real well, and wrote up so new course offerings for the spring semester at the art center where I work. Between that, the superbowl, and working on my library grant the week was booked. Hopefully I'll get back to Samson this week and use some of those wonderful suggestions you all gave me. Have a wonderfully productive week everyone!!!


  1. Hi Giselle, It looks like your workload has swallowed you up!

  2. I think some of us "slackers" can cut you some slack! You've got your plate full. It was nice to see Granny again though! Hang in there. I'm sure Sampson will find plenty of things to get into in the meantime.
    See you next week! Hugs, Lisa

  3. I guess Granny is a not knew to the other ladies but I think she's great! This is a fabulous drawing- a bit scarey and freaky but that's why I like it!
    Hope to see more of her soon- or anything you do!

  4. Giselle,
    I hear ya.....feel the same way. Every time it seems there will be more time, something comes in to fill that space up, doesn't it?
    I hope you have some time to rest during this season.

  5. Hi Giselle,
    It's good to see Granny again.
    She's looking good, although, I'm sure she'll be happy once she's out of the wolfs stomach!
    Good luck with everything and I know what you mean about Superbowl - we had to host the superbowl party up here - it was all great fun until the Pats lost and everyone went home sad - my guy was in a bad mood all day yesterday - he's just starting to smile today - a good thing.
    Oh well, c'est la vie - good luck with that library grant and can't wait to see Sampson again!