Monday, February 11, 2008

A Little More Samson

Hi ladies,
Thanks so much for all of your advice last week on the other Samson falling down piece. And yes I'm definitely going to show objects in the room through the glass. Just trying to get the preliminary down at this stage. Great suggestion! I think I'm also going to write the whole story down in regular text before I continue more with the rhyming. Another great suggestion! Thanks. I find it so incredibly time consuming right now that I don't feel I'm moving fast enough with the illo's for this book dummy. Anyway this is all I have for you this week. Let me know your thoughts on any or all of it. Have a wonderful week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi Giselle, I like this and feel the motion in Samson's tumble. The close up allows us to see the aprehension in his eye... very good emotion for a turtle!

    Continuing with the manuscript in regular text is a good idea. It will help to define the pace of your story and free you to work on more sensational illustrations.

    I found another fantastic rhyming book last week. Graeme Base's THE SIGN OF THE SEAHORSE. I spent hours reading and rereading it just for the fantastic way he put his rhymes together and the words he was able to coax into each couplet. I got my copy for under 3.oo used on Amazon and it is a keeper! Not just for the great rhyming lessons but the illustrations which are so interesting.

  2. Hi Giselle-
    Great action with this illustration! I love Sampson's expression - it's perfect with what's going on.
    It sounds like you're on the right path and know just where you want to go with the text and story - so, keep on keepin on!
    Have fun! and Happy Winter - we've got some snow up here by golly, with more snow and ice to come tonight and tomorrow - If I disappear from the internet for a day or two, you'll know why. Burrrr... Chris

  3. Giselle,
    This is fabulous! His expression of , "Uh-oh!" is perfect. And I love the way you drew and shaded the shell- I'm hoping soon to see Samson in color. I'm supposing he'll be mostly green but I know some turtles have great patterns on their shell and I know Samson will be beautiful!
    I know what you mean about a book dummy being a daunting task- I just signed up to show two at the show in April! (Pam and the Twins is almost done but my other one-not so much!)
    Just keep plugging away and this book dummy will be put together before you know it and it will be great to boot!!

  4. Hi Giselle,

    This sketch is looking great, I really have nothing to critique! Like the other girls said, you are doing such a great job of showing the emotion in his eyes. Good luck with the story, it must be a ton of work! I know I've said it before, but I just don't know how you guys do all of it, the writing and the illustrating. One is enough for me!


  5. Very nice job...I get the feeling of hin slipping. Maybe you can add a few more suggestion lines behind his legs (the right and left one to show that he is moving down. I think it could help to add more shading on each of his legs, near the shell, to give them more definition in the way they are formed. (I know this is the dummy..but I just noticed that) It looks wonderful. Love the look on his face.