Monday, February 25, 2008

Samson meets his friend

Version 1
Version 2 Below (This one looks a lot more like my son Graig and I promised him I'd put him in my next book dummy. The top version doesn't do him any justice. I also fixed the line of sight. Hopefully Graig looks more like he's looking right into Samson's eyes in the one below?)

Hi ladies,

Hope everyone had a good weekend! I got this done today! I had family here all weekend and as much as I love them I didn't get anything done while they were here. Thank goodness my youngest was pooped from all the activites going on and seemed to want to just chill after AM Kindergarten. I was able to finish this piece, or sketch I should say, for my Samson story and think I'm going to finish this one in gouache paints. I hope to start the painting by tomorrow so if you see any thing that really stands out let me know. This is where Samson is almost at the bottom of the hill of pebbles he's built up and sees his potential new friend through the tank wall. Let me know if the expressions are all right, I wasn't sure. Have a great week. Looking forward to get my fingers messy with paint!!!!


  1. This is great- I can't wait to see it painted! The expressions are right on, Samsons' is priceless! Perhaps the child's eyes could be looking more directly at Samson but that's all I can think to say!
    Love the angle and compostion!

  2. I love it! The sketch on the bottom is right on! The interaction between the boy and the tortoise is perfect and Samson actually looks like he is happy to see his friend. Great action, placement and I think the fact that one arm is in and one is out explains the difference in the relative size of the arm and hand outside the tank.

    The way you have Samson half in and out of the pebbles adds to the tumbling action beautifully.

  3. Giselle -
    The image on the bottom is definetly the better one - and the action and expressions are perfect!
    I love the way Sampson and the boy are looking at eachother.
    You're on the right track, so have fun drawing and enjoy the peace and quite of relatives going home and children sleeping if you can.
    Toodles for now - Chris

  4. Hi Giselle,

    The bottom one looks fantastic, both their expressions are perfect:-) Samson looks so excited and happy! When I first saw it I didn't read that the boy's arm was supposed to be in the tank and it looked a little strange. But I'm sure when you paint it it will make more sense. Your son must be excited to see it::-)


  5. What a sweet & handsome boy! I think you've definetly nailed it in the bottom one, and I LOVE the way Sampson turned out. His expression is too cute!

    My eyes keep being pulled back to the hand in the tank. The fingers look a bit stubby to me, but maybe with more detail worked in, that'll clear up.

    I can't wait to see how you work it out with the reflections in the glass. With us on this side, we should be seeing a faint double image of Sampson, don't you think?

    This is really sweet. I'm looking forward to seeing the color version! Good work fearless leader!

  6. wow. This is very strong. I can't really see anything that would need changing. The expressions on both of their faces are delightful. The fingers on his hand look a tiny bit short..but that is just a picky sort of point. It may be that they are curved a bit..not sure. I really love this..can't wait to see it in color. It's fantastic. love the turtle's face. Your son must be thrilled.