Monday, January 14, 2008

Update on Apples and Color Study for Lighthouse

Hi everyone,
Hope you all had a productive weekend. I got a little more done on my Tortoise piece for my latest book dummy. Thanks for the suggestion on the sizing of the apples Joni. I knew there was something off there but couldn't quite figure it out. I made some adjustments and changed the largest apple in the foreground so that it looks like it has just crash landed in the dirt, at least I'm hoping you read it that way? I added some extra flying debris and some startled little bugs. I don't think I'm going to make this any more finished looking like I did my other Little Red Riding Hood book dummy because it was just too time consuming. Please let me know if any of it or all of it works.
I've also posted a pastel color study of the lighthouse painting I'm going to be doing for the library project. This is actually a piece I did for my mother-in-law a long time ago that I've spruced up a bit. Normally I work much more detailed in my fine art pieces but I figured I'd show you what I was up to. No need to critique, but of course anything really standing out please do let me know! Have a wonderful week. Looking forward to all of your posts!!!!!!!!


  1. The expression on the tortoise is still just perfect and I can see the addition of his claws now. I didn't see the little ants before and they are a wonderful touch.
    The apple in the foreground is in a much better position and I feel that color will enhance the effect of it crashing into the ground.

    Will there be any kind of horizon or will the entire piece be a background of the grass or will the major focus form a kind of vignette around the tortoise?

    I also like the little bee on the right, but wonder if it would be a bit larger ...unless it is just a teeny bug. I am sure that will become clear with color as well.

    This is a wonderful piece that keeps getting better.

  2. Giselle,
    This turtle and apple illos are great. His expression is so well done. Maybe to add more weight to the fallen apple, darken the bottom and make the leaf sticking up on the left hand side of the page there bend a bit to the left..sort of like the lines that cartoonists draw to show you did with the grass on the right hand side..just make the grass go a bit off the page on the left side..not sure how to explain it. You really captured the feeling of the apples falling well with the stems and 'air lines' showing them falling. Nice tones in the lighthouse image too. It may be a good idea to break up the 'white path' or area there and maybe lower the value of it when you do the final. Maybe break it around the lowest part of it's 'V' there in the middle of the image. Even if you make a slightly dark line through it, it will help break it enough. Also..maybe lighten that dark value right behind her head, so that there is a tiny bit more clarity as to where her head ends on the left side, and where the shadow on the grass begins. (these suggestions sound so picky...ignore them if they bug you.
    It has a very serene feel to it.
    Great images!

  3. Hi giselle -
    Samson is great - love his expression and I wouldn't change a thing there.
    The only thing that plays with my eyes a little is the apple in the foreground. At first it looked like a big rock, but, after looking closer I could see it is an apple - which is way cool!
    I know you weren't planning to do too much more to this, but, maybe darken/shade in the apples a little darker (on the back sides) to give them more depth - and clarify them more - especially the foreground apple. Just remember that when the color red goes black/white, it usually prints out as a black/dark color - so I usually try to keep that in mind when working on my dummy. Does this make sense?
    Other than that, I think it's a great piece for your dummy!
    As for the light house painting - I love the pastels! Are you going to be adding more details for the actual mural?
    Good luck with everything - and with getting Red Riding a home too!
    Happy Winter - Chris

  4. Hi Giselle,
    Sampson is perfect and adorable. This is such a beautiful drawing, the only thing I would say is maybe make the bugs a teeny bit bigger. I do wonder how much detail to go into for my book dummy pages. You've really got a great composition here and you've done plenty of details and shading. Just great!
    The pastel painting is beautiful too. The only thing I would mention is somehow have the figure in the foreground easier to read. Perhaps ajusting the shading around her hair as Amy mentioned would work well. That will be a gorgeous mural!

  5. Hi Giselle,

    I love the way you did the apples! I'm happy I could help with it:-) I agree to make the bugs a little bigger, they are such a great addition I think they should stand out more. Also, maybe add a few blades of grass in the very foreground in front of the apple? And I really love the pastel! I think it looks fantastic as is. I like how its a bit loose, it gives it such a dreamy quality. And the colors are wonderful!