Monday, January 28, 2008

Samson's Falling

Hi everyone,
Thanks so much for last week's feedback on my story! It truly helped, well I guess hopefully it will seem like it helped next week when I post the update on the manuscript! Anyway, this is the another quick sketch I did where he has built up his mound of pebblesa and wood chips in his tank and has attempted to call for help but stumbles and falls. There is glass behind him from the tank. let me know your thoughts?? Happy blogging.


  1. Hi Giselle,
    Love this one- you've got him "grappling" perfectly!It's a great design also. To be picky I may say that his front, right foot, (are they feet?) may be a little long. Maybe he could be waving it around but not quite reaching the rocks.
    LOVE his eye and his expression of "Oh No!" Just perfect there. I noticed that you use white paint for the highlights of your sketches- it really ads so much- I may steal that! Do you sketch in charcaol?
    Great Job!

  2. Samson is certainly proving that it is hard for a tortoise to navigate a hillside. I like that the rocks are flying off the slope as he moves upward.
    The front feet,legs, bother me just a bit. I think there might be more of a bend near the foot part, but I am not sure of tortoise anatomy, so maybe I am wrong.

    I think you have a great character here . Samson shows so much determination I grit my teeth almost willing him up that hill! His facial expression is perfect!

  3. Hi Giselle,

    Really great sketch, I love the composition! When you get to the final sketch, it might be fun to add some actual shapes and elements that could be seen through the glass, obviously not too much that will distract from Samson. And maybe add even more falling rocks to make it even more dramatic? I love his face, it makes you go awww and laugh at the same time.


  4. Giselle,
    This is looking very good. You've captured his falling/slipping so well. The expression on his face is perfect. Maybe you could add a few more larger sized chips and pebbles to vary it a bit, and maybe a lightly smudged sort of mark arching above where his leg is slipping (erased in like an show that his leg/foot slid a bit. I don't know if that is clear, but it might help make the movement even clearer..but these are just small picky things because you've captured it all so well.

  5. Hi Giselle,
    This is looking good!
    Like the others, I see that his right top leg could use some shortening, as well as, his left bottom leg.
    Also, the glass behind him works and it looks like the angle is from inside the tank looking out? But, what if you changed the angle to the outside of the tank, looking in? You may not need to change the illustration much, just a hint of glass over the front of Sampson may help. Just food for thought, but, that's totally up to you.
    I really like the overall composition of the drawing and Sampson's expression and action are working great.
    Good luck with your portfolio submission to the Don Freeman Grant as well!! That's so cool! And thanks for your input on mine - which I did get Spike's rough dummy out to the grant yesterday -sent it express mail - hope they accept it, which they should since they didn't specify what kind of post to send it -just the envelope size. Well, that's all for now - it's snow and sleeting outside - snow day!!! Time to catch up on dishes, sleep and fun reading time -Yeah! Happy drawing - Chris p.s. any words on your Red Riding Hood dummy yet? I really liked it a lot- keep your chin up and good luck again!