Monday, January 07, 2008

The apples they are falling

Hi ladies,

Hope everyone had a great weekend and of course I hope I'm not the last one to publish my weekly post tonight! Where are the rest of you fellow artists? We are supposed to be starting anew with no holidays to blame for our delays!!! Anyway, I'm happy to say I was able to pull this rough sketch together from my lastest book dummy "Tortoise" at the last minute. I really think it needs a lot of work but it's a start. I wanted to make his expression seem like one of being startled at the sight of large apples falling all around him and nearly hitting him. You let me know if I've pulled it off. On another note I'm happy to say that the grant process for the painting I'm going to do for my local library is in progress. Whoo Hooo! After two more meetings with the director I've decided to do a landscape scene of the Stony Point Lighthouse which is a historic landmark that sits in a lush state park right on the Hudson River where I live. I'm totally excited to say the least. Athena will have to wait. That's fine by me. I'll have about a year to work on the project so that's just wonderful. Oh and no it's not a mural painted directly on the wall, thank God, but a large painting about 5 feet by 4 feet. It will be a permanent fixture so I have to give it up in the end. I hate the thought of doing that on something I'm going to be spending so much time on but it's right here in town so I can go take a peek whenever right. Have a great week everyone. Keep up the beautiful work. And get those posts cracking!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi Giselle,

    I think the tortoise's expression is surely one of surprise. With the apples falling all around and at varying sizes I get the feeling of depth. I would almost like to see more of his feet (claws..whatever)
    His expression is so good, for a tortoise, that I hope his personality will carry throughout the book.

    Good luck with the Stony Point landscape. Putting it on canvas is great! That way if a wall is moved or repainted your work will still survive.

  2. Hi Giselle -
    I love seeing Samson again!
    He's great and I love that expression.
    My guess is this is an early sketch, and you'll be adding more detail later?
    Can't wait to see more Samson sketches and some of these in color.
    Congrats on the large painting - being that it's in a library, hopefully the large painting will last well into the future - like the old town house murals and painted curtains they have all over New Enland, from the late 1800's - very cool.
    Oh, and painting the town's light house on the Hudson? How cool is that? Lucky girl!
    Happy New Year and have fun! -Chris

  3. Sounds like things are moving along nicely for you Giselle! I can't wait to see your light house painting, I'm sure it will be wonderful.

    Sampson is so cute. I love his expression and I'd say it's a keeper!I'm looking forward to more details on his shell!

  4. Hi Giselle,
    I love your Sampson! The depth and dimensions are perfect and his face is surprise and maybe a little anger - as mine would be too. The layout is great too from a "turtle's eye view". I am learnig so much from this group- like all of you are so professional with your dummies. No cutting and pasting, actually inserting text. That scares me but I'll fugure it out.
    Anyway, this is wonderful!

  5. Hi Giselle,

    Congratulations on you lighthouse job! That sounds like so much fun. You'll have to post pictures of it in progress, I already know it will be beautiful. Your Sampson illo is really cute, I like the angle of it. You captured his expression exactly. The only thing I was thinking you could try, is maybe making the apple closest to us a little bigger and make it overlap Sampson just a little, just to make it look like he's really surrounded by these apples. But not so much that you cover up his wonderful expression of course. It's great as it is, but I thought this might be something fun to try:-)