Monday, November 19, 2007

Hope to have something to post next week

Hi ladies,

Just want to say thanks again for the suggestions on my tortoise story. I hope you all have the patience to give me more suggestions next week and let me know exactly where the beat is off when I repost it. I have a thick skin so don't worry about it. I really want to make it work and love to have fresh new material to illustrate. I've worked on the story some more but want to finish the rough draft before I post it again. I can't say I'll have much for next Monday with the holiday upon us and parties at school and at home but I'll try to sneak something in. So in a nutshell, I didn't get any farther with my sketch and feel like I'm coming down with the flu. This isn't good because I start my new teaching job in two weeks. They will be having their grand opening and having a whole celebration going on with many of the teachers giving demo classes so people will sign up. I being one of the teachers! I'm totally exhausted but totally excited too, if that makes any sense. Ok, I'm rambling now and need to hit the hay. Oh, on another note I was contacted by Bonnie who said she has too much on her plate at the moment and can't continue with the group. I was sorry to hear it but C'est la vie right. Hopefully she will join us again when things slow down. Best of luck Bonnie!!!!


  1. Hi Giselle -
    Looking forward to more of the tortoise story and sketches once you get feeling better. Oh, and I'm so glad to hear that Samson doesn't get thrown in the air by the boy - pheeww.... Thanks for sending that email - sorry I didn't get back sooner but, we had unexpected, last minute, (as of this last Weds.), family show up for Thanksgiving + 10 days, (7 days to go). And of course, the flu is traveling around our household as well.
    I know what you mean about being excited about the new job and the flu coming on. So, Hang in there and make sure to get some rest before the big opening. Sorry to hear about Bonnie, but, being busy is always a good thing. Hopefully we'll hear back from her in the near future - I'll miss her beautiful artwork and Bonnie, if you're reading - Good luck!.
    Toodles for now and Happy Holidays - Chris

  2. Hey Giselle,

    Hope you're feeling better by now. Knock on wood, I've managed to stay healthy so far.

    Can you send me a WORD version of the tortoise story via e-mail? It would be easier to critique that way.

    Oh yes, and regarding Bonnie's departure...I know someone (Becky Drisgave) who would be a nice addition to our group, as she is constantly cranking out beautiful new work (a real go getter) and is ready (in my opinion) to move to the next level.

    Let me know if you're interested in a new addition and I will send her your way. I think we all have styles & methods that she would benefit from, and she is eager to join a "working" group of professionals in a structured setting. Thanks!