Monday, November 19, 2007

Hope to have something to post next week

Hi ladies,

Just want to say thanks again for the suggestions on my tortoise story. I hope you all have the patience to give me more suggestions next week and let me know exactly where the beat is off when I repost it. I have a thick skin so don't worry about it. I really want to make it work and love to have fresh new material to illustrate. I've worked on the story some more but want to finish the rough draft before I post it again. I can't say I'll have much for next Monday with the holiday upon us and parties at school and at home but I'll try to sneak something in. So in a nutshell, I didn't get any farther with my sketch and feel like I'm coming down with the flu. This isn't good because I start my new teaching job in two weeks. They will be having their grand opening and having a whole celebration going on with many of the teachers giving demo classes so people will sign up. I being one of the teachers! I'm totally exhausted but totally excited too, if that makes any sense. Ok, I'm rambling now and need to hit the hay. Oh, on another note I was contacted by Bonnie who said she has too much on her plate at the moment and can't continue with the group. I was sorry to hear it but C'est la vie right. Hopefully she will join us again when things slow down. Best of luck Bonnie!!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Ahhh....Something New

Hi girls,

Well, I've started a new story!!! Only gotten half of it written but that's a lot for me so I'm excited. It's based on a true story, actually, about a tortoise that we had just a few months ago. Unfortunately in real life he disappeared, my little ones think he's living happily in the forest but we don't really know where he went. It makes for a good story so I'm taking advantage.
It all started with him seeming totally restless in his glass tank and bumping his head into the wall trying to get out over and over again. It wasn't fun to watch let me tell you. And we all felt really sorry for him so miserable and all. He was what you call a Russian tortoise, and these are known for being incredible escape artists. Believe me this one was! Well, one day we decided to put him out in the yard to run free, if you will, and chomp on some dandolines (their favorite food). Of course we watched him vigilantly and never had a problem with it. Then we had a brainstorm. We put him in our vegetable garden which was enclosed! This of course was before we read on the internet that they can escape from unbelievable places. Well at first he would build up dirt and pebbles and sit on top of them always climbing and climbing on things. All was well so we let him hang out there most of the summer and checked on him a couple of times of day. One day he was gone!!! The walls on the garden are 12inches high and are made of chicken wire! Do you know that that little guy, Samson (named after his strength) got out. My teenage son found him the next day while jogging on the side of the road about a 1/4 mile away! We knew it was him because of his specific markings. We were all happy to have him back, eventhough the kids kind of forgot about him after a while. I mean come on he's a tortoise. He wasn't too entertaining after a while but it was a good alternative to getting a dog, which I would have loved but was not up to. To make a long story short we changed the walls of the garden so he couldn't climb them anymore and made them out of tarp and a little taller. He got out again!!!! and we haven't seen him since. It's sad I know but what's one to do. Anyway here's what I'm working on and I've done a rough sketch of him cruising the grass and dandolines. Let me know your thoughts on the illo and the text if you have time. Sorry about my rambling!!! Here's the beginning of the text:

Bored in his tank with no one in sight,
Samson wants out,
he wants freedom that's right.

He pushes his pebbles and makes a big heap.
All with his hiney and his big

On top of this mound Samson feels tall.
He climbs to get out but then he just falls.

He wants to be free to run through the dew,
to eat some sweet dandolines oh just a few.

They loved him so much when he was brandnew,
so cute and so funny he'd walk and he'd

It's really all Samson could do it was
Oh how they tired of him as he grew.

Samson was sad all alone for a while,
until one fine day a boy showed him a smile.

Are you here for me?
Can it really be?

Oh please pick me up I want to see,
the world all around me,
the flowers the trees,
I'll stay by your side I promise oh please!

He flew through the air held tight by his
Landed quite gently he thought " this is
the sunshine, the grass, soft under my
adventures might follow who else might I meet?"

Crash it came down with a great giant thump,
next to his nose almost gave him a bump!

Quickly he hid deep into his shell.
He was in trouble this he could

"Apples they're falling one by one from the
Bumppety bump they are falling on me!"

"Psst! Psst! Silly Samson this is dangerous ground"
said a dove and a bunny, "just look around!"

"Follow us to the forest you'll be safe far away,
the children won't notice what will they say?"

"Oh! Samson where are you? Where could you be?"
"Oh no we don't think so they're too silly to see,

that you are no fool you just want to be free.
They shouldn't have left you alone by that tree!"

As fast as he could he followed the pair,
bunny hopping ahead the dove low in the air.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Getting ready to teach !!!

Hi ladies!,

Sorry to say I have no new work to post this week. I've been very busy getting ready for my new teaching job that's going to start in the beginning of December though. I'm extremely excited about it but very nervous to say the least. First time teaching adults so it should be a real learning experience. I visited the new location where the organization I'll be working for will be moving to and boy was that impressive. All shiny and new with great lighting and beautiful wooded areas where I can take my students outside ( weather permitting) and sketch, yay, I love that! I've been given the opportunity to start from scratch and furnish the artroom with the works! I just have to let them know what I'll need and go from there. Of course I'm in the midst of figuring out all the details so I'm a little overwhelmed right now. It's kind of bad timing with the holidays coming up but I said yes very enthusiastically to the job offer so there's no looking back now. Anyway I'm off to bed early tonight so I can get a fresh start in the morning. Have a great and productive week everyone. Goodnight