Monday, October 29, 2007

A little pastel piece

Hi ladies,

Thought I'd show you one of the pieces that I entered in our local art exhibit for my town library. It's done in my all time favorite medium, pastels. I love the mess and the colors when they don't get too muddy. It's a scene from my mother-in-law's house looking out of her picture window. That's a little bit of the Hudson River you see in the center there. I always loved the view and thought it would make a nice piece. On another note I'm still printing copies of my book dummy and sending more packages out each week. Hopefully someone will like it somewhere. Not much else too tell other than being very busy with Halloween coming up and school conferences and a couple of my little ones birthday parties. It's been a funfilled last couple of days and the parties aren't over yet. I'm off to hit the hay and start anew tomorrow. Have a wonderful productive week!


  1. Wow Giselle! That's really beautiful. I haven't had the guts to try pastels. They're so messy and I'm such a neat freak...I don't know if I could handle it. I sure love the results though, this is just awesome. Thanks for sharing.

    Best of luck with your dummy submissions. It's SO much work to send those out. I've got my fingers crossed for you.

    Something that shines that brightly can not be ignored!
    Like all of us, someone will come along that see's the kindness of the heart that lives in your work.
    Hold on my friend, destiny is knocking at your door! :D

  2. Hi Giselle,
    I love your pastels and this a beautiful. You've really caught that Hudson valley feeling in your painting.
    Good luck with printing your dummy. I'm curious, are you printing it yourself (ink jet?) or are you having a printer do it?
    Oh, and as for the paintings for Spike, I just remembered that there were some older paintings/color studies I've posted here before, but, I won't be submitting those with the dummy. Hopefully that clarifies things more and you won't think you're loosing it.
    I really do love this pastel painting - the colors are so beautiful and soft. Have fun with all of those wonderful Halloween and birthday parties! Chris

  3. Giselle,

    This painting is beautiful! I agree with you, pastels are my all time favorite as well. I've never tried them for illustrations, but for portraits and still lifes they are so much fun to use and the results are wonderful! Good luck with your promos!


  4. Hey Giselle!
    This drawing is really breathtaking! My first thought was, wow, I'd love to be there! Just gorgeous! I'm curious though, if pastels are you're all-time favorite, why aren't you using them in your illos?! You're obviously so talented using them (something I would never have the patience for!) and it's pretty unique and it really brings something a bit different to the table out there (although not so unique that I've never heard of people using them, so its not like its a totally crazy idea or anything). One of the books my publisher produced last year was done in pastels and the drawings are just beautiful! Admittedly (shh!) I think the story is actually really weird, but the pastel drawings are just wonderful. Check it out, its called The Birds of the Harbor. Oh actually, the same illustrator did another book this year when mine came out called A Night of Tamales and Roses. Another great example of using pastels in book illustrations. So I'm just saying, if you love them, there's nothing wrong at all with having two mediums that you're skilled at and you may as well show that off! :)

    Best of luck!

  5. ps You can find both The Birds of the Harbor and A Night of Tamales and Roses at Amazon to see a few images from each!


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