Sunday, October 07, 2007

After researching....

Hi girls,

After researching again and again and again in the "Children's Writer's & Illustrators Market" (and different publisher's websites) about who to send my book dummy to and after absorbing all of your wonderful advice, I've come to the conclusion that I should send my book dummy to the art directors of a couple of houses I think my work would be a good fit for. This being mainly because my original intention was for publishers to notice my "illustrating abilities". I kept hearing that one of the ways to show your ability is to illustrate a classic tale that's well known ( also Little Red Riding Hood was my favorite as a child so it made it fun). A ton of the houses stated they were currently not accepting unsolicited manuscripts but then when I delved further and read about art submission guidelines they stated " book dummies helpful". So since my goal is to illustrate a book whether mine or someone else's I'm figuring the art director would pass it on, just like you mentioned Gina, if they really like it or just liked my style for another story. I'm game to anything at this point, my feelings certainly wouldn't be hurt! I think I'm going to state that I'm open to either so it would make it easier for them to ask me to illustrate another story if they have it. Also my Little Red story isn't that different from the original version so it's not like it has a new twist to it or anything. It's just tamer. On another note I had my kitchen renovated last week and only did lots of research and lots of printing. No new art for now but again thanks for your kind words and support. Hopefully something will come of all of this.


  1. I think you're on the right track, with a good attitude. Talent as good as yours can't be ignored for long, it just needs to fall into the right hands at the right time. Soon you'll be following in Carlyn and Gina's footsteps!

  2. Sounds like a good plan! I'm sure it will find a home! Sending good vibes your way. Keep us posted!

  3. Sounds like a well thought out plan! Best of luck, I'm sure many good things will come of this!!! :)


  4. I think sending it to art directors is a great idea! It's going to get a really good reaction. Congratulations once again:-)


  5. Hi Giselle -
    Sounds like a good idea - especially to those houses that aren't accepting unsolicited manuscripts but are accepting art samples and dummies from illustrators. Just make sure, if you can, that if you're sending to a house that doesn't have your portfolio/art samples on file already, that you include your portifolio/art sample package (10 to 15 - color & BW, a post card or two,) as well. If you don't have 10 to 15 samples that are not from Red's story, then just send what you can, along with the dummy. This way, the art director can see the range of your work, (in case they can't accept you dummy,), but love your style. I remember your flying book and the airplane illustrations - and the swimming boy - you may want to include those in the package as well.
    Hope this helps - and remember - follow what you feel is right -and follow the publishers guidelines as well, -some of them do get nit picky. On another note, you never know unless you try! :)
    So good luck with everything - and congrats are sending Red on her way! Yahoo! Best, Chris