Monday, August 13, 2007

New layouts and Ending




Hi Gals,
In an effort to get all of the illo's in my book dummy consistent, with the text incorporated within the pieces, I've gone back to page 17 (the top piece with the wolf at the door) and lengthened it by adding more wall and laying in the text in white so it would show up better. I have five more pages I have to incorporate the text into and then I'll be DONE!!! Yeah!! Of course then I'll be pestering everyone about how to write a decent cover letter and how to deal with the agnst of the dreaded "eternal waiting period". I truly hope something comes of this all. We shall see.

On the bottom "ending" double spread piece I went back to a previous sketch and took it apart. I zoomed in on Granny and Red and set the huntsman giving Mr. Nasty the boot to finalize the story. You let me know what works and doesn't and if the text is all right surrounding the basket. I fiddled with that forever. If anyone has any suggestions send them on over. Looking forward to Bonnie and Joni joining us next week. Hope you're enjoying the blog and getting acquainted with everyone's work if you haven't already! Happy blogging everyone!!


  1. Hey Giselle,

    Love the new layout of the wolf at the door. The text looks small, but really nice on the curve like that. Great Idea.

    As for the broken text on the ending layout, it doesn't work for me as far as being able to read well. Layout wise, it looks great, but I think it'll be a problem with an editor.

    The little basket is sweet and I'd hate to loose it..maybe you could shift everything up some (granny's head closer to the top), move the basket down and insert the text in between?

    BTW, Granny & Red look so sweet!

    Also, I think I'd enlarge the hunter & wolf image on the right. Not too big, just bigger than it is now. This oval image adds to the "old world" feel of the book...nice touch!

    You are teaching me more every week...thank you! :D Lisa

  2. Hi Giselle,
    I really like the new layout a lot! I love how the text follows the shape of the window. Very good idea. I also like how it goes around the basket as well in the ending spread. I didn't really have trouble reading it broken up around the basket, but not sure how others feel about it.

    It must fell great for you to be so close to being done as well. That's awesome! Once life calms down around here I will start some projects as well. I have definitely had time to at least thing about what I would like to do!
    Great work!

  3. Yay, Giselle! That's so great that you're so close to the end! You'll have to pop a bottle of bubbley when it's finally out there looking for it's home in publishing land!

    I do like this new layout very much. The dramatic curved text is very eye catching. In the Red and grandma scene, I have to agree with Lisa that I don't care for the broken up text. Keep it simple by moving the basket to the right or left leaving enough room for the text as a whole. And I think I'd look at Red's profile. It's sort of hard to tell but when I clicked to see the bigger image, it looked like her forhead was sort of going out and not back. I think I would also add some more background elements to this scene, either a calm background of grandma's furniture to show that everything's OK now or perhaps some evidence of the struggle with some debre scattered about. But either way, it could use just a little jazzing up.

    Congratulations on being so close to the end! I think all of your hard work will be well worth it! :)


  4. Hi Giselle,
    I love the wolf and Snowy image at the top the most - That full page curve gives it a nice impact. Snowy's feathers flying around give it a nice "sense of danger" effect."
    I love the ending page, and perhaps if you move or angle grandmas hand either down, (around Red's shoulder) or more in Red's hair, then we'll be able to see more of Red's face, especially since she's the main character.
    As for the text design below, I love the way it arches around the basket, but, I agree with the others that it does get difficult to read the way it's broken up. But, if you follow Gina's idea of moving the basket to the right, then it will all be good. Perhaps you can still add a slight curve of the text on the side of the basket instead?
    These are looking beautiful and as I've said before - I love your style of drawing - it has a really nice texture and feel to it - great line quality! Congrats on nearing the end! And don't worry about the dreaded waiting period - I'm kind of anxious to get mine out there just so I can move on to other projects - one of them includes my Spring or should I say Fall cleaning?
    Good luck with everything and have fun! Best, Chris :)