Monday, August 27, 2007

Just in the nick of time!!!!!!!!!!

Hi gals,
I did make it here Monday after all! This is another sketch I switched the text to within the piece. It's not much of a change but it's something I guess. I have three others I'm still working on and will post for next week. It was a really really busy week for me and I honestly have to say I didn't get much drawing done. I can't wait to get back into the swing of things with regard to my art and finish visiting colleges. Although it's been really exciting I need my life back! Hope you all have a more productive week than me. Happy blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Version:

Old Version


  1. Hey Giselle!

    I had to look really hard to see the subtle differences, but I do like the new version better.
    You're so close to the finish line! I can't wait to add this book to my collection...I think it's the best "Red" version I've ever seen!

  2. Giselle -
    I like the second version - great placement of the image and the text - and nice framing of the border. Nice!
    Go girl! Have a great holiday weekend! Chris

  3. Giselle,
    The text does seem better situated when it lies inside the image.
    I really enjoy all the details you have in your pencil drawings, also the storytelling involved in your images are great, and you seem to really think about composition, I have noticed this with your last image. (the expression in that framed picture above granny's head is priceless!!) The only thing I worry about is the trees on the right hand side, the angle in which they stand make them look flat, as if they were leaning too much towards the horizon line. It's the angle of lines I think, because the tree on the left, behind the wolf doesn't seem to be doing this, it's in perspective. If they were directly based in front of the rock I also think they would be much bigger in comparison with the wolf. It's hard to discern how much space there is between the rock and the trees. Looking at where they end, where the base of the trees are, they seem to be closer to the rock and in that case, they are much too small. (Unless the rock is elevated, but I can't quite tell...)

  4. Hey Giselle,

    Wow, I hate to admit this but I actually had to read the other's comments to figure out the difference! That is subtle, but your goal is unity so it's definitely a great choice.

    I agree with Bonnie about the trees (good eye, Bonnie!) but I say there's nothing a little foliage can't solve! When in doubt, stick in a bush! :) This will be an easy solution and fool the viewers eye enough so that we really don't know where the base of the trees lie. Plus I think it will make wolfy look more hidden.

    I love how you're just tweaking and fussing right now, it must be super exciting to get to pick here and there to make it perfect knowing it will be going out into publishing land soon! We'll have to have a cyber toast when it does! :)


  5. Hi Giselle,

    I'm sorry its taken me so long to get around to adding my two cents in this week. Hopefully I will be more on the ball this coming week! I really like how you are adding the text into the pictures instead of keeping it separated, it shows a lot more skill that I think the publishers will appreciate. I love how the trees, rocks and wolf are framing the house in the distance. It really took me awhile to find anything to nitpick. The only thing I can see is that even though the text has been added into the image, it looks like the white of the image has just been brought down and everything else still looks like its cut off at the original border. I think if you just continued the lines of the rocks down a little bit without disrupting the text it would solve the problem. I hope that makes sense, its being extremely nitpicky! I'm looking forward to seeing some color versions of these!