Monday, August 20, 2007

"Come on in Sweetie!" said the granny

New Version

Old Version

New Doublespread

Hi gals!
And welcome to Joni and Bonnie! I'm sure I'm speaking for all of us when I tell you how excited we are that you've joined our group. It's a great place to share your talents and ideas in a really supportive and friendly environment. That sounds kind of like a sales pitch but it's not, really! We're looking forward to your wonderful art and hope that the exchange of feedback will help you grow more as artists as it's helped all of us so far!

On another note, the top piece is a revised sketch from my Little Red Riding Hood book dummy I've been working on for over a year now and have almost completed. Yeah!!! Let me know your thoughts on any of it. Have a great, productive week!


  1. Giselle -
    Looking good! Poor granny, if she only knew who was knocking at the door, she wouldn't be smiling so much. Nice sense of suspense you've got there.
    I love it - the only thing I see is that the top of the canopy seems to blend in with the background, so you may want to clarify that a little. Also, the text at the bottom at grannies bed is kind of hard to read, as it fades into the background around the corners. Is there any way you can just bring out the dark shadow a little more under the bed and bold the lettering (on both pages,)if it's not already?
    Otherwise, I like these and they work good for me. Grandpa is great in that picture - love his frightened expression - I forgot all about him, but, glad you kept him in.
    Have fun and good luck! Happy drawing - Chris :)

  2. Hi Giselle,

    Thank you for your welcome! I think this blog is going to be really helpful for me and I hope I will be able to be of help to everyone else. I love that the styles of everyone are so varied. I really like the changes you made to the drawing. I think incorporating the text is a great idea. I love the composition on the right of your double spread! I agree with Chris with the text. Making the shadow a little bigger would really help. And also maybe darkening the wall a bit to make the bed and granny stand out even more? I love the portrait of Grandpa, its a great touch. Congrats on almost being finished with it, that is a lot of work you've done!

  3. Hi Giselle,
    I really like the updated Granny much better than the old version. Just feels warmer. I like the light coming from the lamp and how you can see it coming from under the shade. I would maybe darken the area where the text is just so the text shows up a little better.
    This is a great piece and a great spread. You are going to grab a lot of attention with this dummy book!

  4. Oh Giselle, this sudden change in direction was so right on the money! What a difference this revamping has made, and I loved it before! But you've really managed to bring it all together now and it's really starting to look like a very polished dummy, great job! I agree with making the text stand out a bit more but this is easily fixed by darkening the values behind it. The only thing I would add to this piece would be maybe just a few more points of interest, like grandpa's frightened face above the bed! What a great touch and I think you can even add some more here. Does grandma have any pets? Maybe a kitty is curled up next to her with a ball of yarn on the floor? Wasn't she ill? Maybe a box of tissues and a waste basket next her bed and perhaps not all of the tissues made it in? A glass of juice? Some cold medicine? Not too much but I think you have enough space here that by adding some details here and there, which of course kids love, you'll add even more interest to this piece.

    Lovely lovely!!