Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Reworking Old and New Rough

New expression on Mr. Huntsman above.

Get granny out too!!!!

Hi girls,

I wish I had finished these a bit more before posting but I'm off to do a community project with a group of teens at our local library and I just plain ran out of time. Anyway, I'm trying to soften the look of Mr. Huntsman here. Before he had a more angry scary kind of expression which I think Gina you were right about being too much for the industry. I'm attempting thus to make him look like he's saying "OUCH" because he's feeling the wolf's teeth on his index finger poking him and he's totally perplexed with regard to the situation he's in mind you. Don't know if I've pulled it off yet but you'll let me know. Have a lot more work to do on his eyebrows/expression that I know. Then the next piece I started is where Little Red has just told him to "Get my granny out too!!!" after he's pulled little red out of the wolf's belly. Lots to do on this one too. Let me know your thoughts.


  1. Hi Giselle,

    I think you definetly gave this a softer feel by changing expressions, but personally I liked the intensity of the other one. It was more comforting to me, It felt like the huntsman had control over the wolf, and everything would be alright now.

    This one looks as if the hunter is having a bit more of a struggle and the wolf might regain his edge and do more damage.

    As for the struggle to free grandma, I think your wolf's head is way too small here. Is it me, or isn't his head much bigger in the close up above? (And not just because it's a close up!) I mean, I got the impression from the first one, and several others, that the wolfs head is as big, or maybe a bit bigger than the huntsmans.

    I think Red needs to be looking at the struggle. Right now it's as if she is looking at something across the room. Also, her facial features look a bit different from the other scenes..a continuity issue? Anyway, I'm sure when you have more time, these things will no longer be a problem!

    I LOVE the "growl" on the huntsman's face in #2!! Great work as usual!

  2. Hi Giselle,
    Welcome back! It's good to see Red's story again.
    The hunter's expression is much better and I love the way you draw.
    My only suggestion is perhaps you can pull back a little and give us a little wider view on close-up so it doesn't look so intense and scary. It's a great drawing mind you, but, I think for the little ones, a bit of a wider perspective may help.
    As for the second pic, I agree with Lisa that Red needs to be looking at the huntsman and the wolf. I think enlarging the wolf a bit would help too.
    I like the action between the hunter and the wolf, but, if the hunter is trying to get granny out, why would he be holding the wolf's nose/mouth shut?
    Just food for thought, but, you may want to open the wolf's mouth and have the hunter sticking his hand in the mouth to pull out granny.
    These are really coming along great and I love the feeling and action you have going. The anatomy looks great, as well as the expressions and line quality.
    Well, that's my two cents worth - have fun and happy drawing! Chris