Monday, July 30, 2007

An illo from downunder!

Hi Girls!

Something fresh at last you say right? Feels good to work on another illo finally. Being the slow poke of the group I actually feel proud to have finished my tedious reworking of last week's piece and also being able to come up with one of the final illo's. The one pictured above is, of course, where granny is being saved by the huntsman. I tried to give it a humorous feel so I hope I pulled it off. She's supposed to be really scared stuck down there in the wolf's belly but not scary to our tiny readers. I tested it on my 4 and 6 year olds, Graig and Evan, and they thought it was really funny. I'm happy about that but they're related so it really doesn't count! I could not bring myself to show any "body parts or persons" actually being pulled out of the wolf's mouth or swallowed by the wolf from a far, thus in the piece below you see the huntsman merely prying the mouth open only suggesting the violent act that's about to take place, I think the former would have been too scary.

On the piece below, which you've seen about 20 revisions for, I adjusted Red's eyes so they are more focused on the struggle and changed the huntsman's left hand again. Also added the kicked over stool to add more movement and lengthened the entire piece. Seems like I work backwards though. I start a piece and I always go bigger outside the boundaries of the paper for some reason and then have to physically add a larger paper behind it so that I can add everything I want to it. I then have to scan and blend the whole mess together in photoshop. I guess I have to start on a huge piece of paper so I won't go off the edges. Let me know your thoughts. Your feedback is invaluable!!


  1. Well my friends, she's done it again...this is awesome (in my humble opinion). I really like this flip side better! The whole thing works so much better now, and even Red is perfect...poor little thing. Now that I see ol' granny down in his belly, I'm cool with the whole struggling thing. Taking down the wolfs foot that was in the air made a big difference too.
    I simply love them all!

  2. When you've got it, you've got it! Your spread is now perfect, don't change a thing! Your instinct was right on all counts and these two pages together now look perfect. I also think you did a great job with the "scary" factor by showing what's going on but making it sort of humorous as well. It's a tough balance and I think it works really well here. The only thing I would say is to maybe adjust the size of the very funny tonsil. I think the size right now competes with grandma too much. Not too much smaller, just a little bit, and maybe move to the right just a teeeeny bit, just so it's not smack in the middle of the composition. But granny is great and the fingers are excellent. Really nice work!!


    ps On a side note, I might make the text just a bit larger, too. It seems sort of small for a children's book. Just a little bit bigger should work.

  3. Like the spread. Allworks really well now.Also like the granny in the throat illo. Once again, great perspective. I would move the uvual(throat thingy)up a little bit. Granny's hands are very well done! Hard to draw that kind of detail so small. I would also make the text just a little bigger. Everything looks good.

  4. Giselle -
    These look great - I love granny in the wolf's mouth! Great detail and the tonsil is awesome.
    Great anatomy on everything.
    The only itsy, bitsy thing I see is that Red's eyes still look like they're looking off to the side of the hunter - maybe you could adjust them so they are looking more towards the foreground, where the hunter is and that will do it.
    Everything else looks wonderful and don't worry about being slow - taking your time and doing your best has and will really pay off. And I'm sure if your kids love it, the others will too!
    These are beautiful. Oh, as for drawing backwards, (not giving yourself enough room, etc..) I do the same thing. And I've done the same thing with adding more paper around it - but, now, thank gosh for photoshop! Actually, I try not to worry about some of those details at the beginning, although I do try to be concsious of them when drawing initially, it's sometimes good to let the image come out and see what happens, then, if I want to, I expand on it later in photoshop, then back to the drawing board to redraw. Revisions are funny, sometimes it seems the more I revise, the more I find myself going back to my original drawings. I think creating a book or anything creative can be like that - like life - just a big fat circle. Gotta love it.
    Well, that's my two cents worth - Keep on drawing - these really are charming - you're almost there! :) Best, Chris