Monday, June 11, 2007

Very rough sketch!

Hi gals!

Thanks for the feedback on last weeks pieces. Glad you think I've improved them in general. This project is taking me so long I don't think I'll be able to finish it by the time we leave for our summer vacation on June 23rd! I really wanted to mail it out before then and I just might make it but I'm not going to kill myself over it if I don't. I really want the last couple of sketches to come out well and not have a rushed look to them. Anyway, I barely got this started but it is the scene right after the wolf and huntsman have had it out and the huntsman is looking everywhere for the granny. He realizes that the wolf has most definitely gulped her down, thus his frantic expression, I hope? I have to add everything in between of course. It's a doublespread and the text is going to go below the huntsman and perhaps some above the wolf. I still have to rewrite that part! Oh goodness I'm rambling aren't I? God how I wish we all lived closer and could actually meet once a week. Then you could hear me rambling away! Wouldn't that be cool. Hopefully one day we will meet.


  1. Hi Giselle,
    The woodsman definitely looks distraught.I know this is rough, but you may want to really take a look at the position of his hands. The one on his hat is turned a little too far. I don't think you would see his whole wrist. The one on the door frame also looks a little funny. I think that one is turned too far as we. Love the movement in his jacket.
    I am curious to see where these end up. Always interesting to see the extras added to the background.
    Keep working. This looks great!

  2. Giselle -
    Looking good so far. Can't wait to see it progress. Out of curiosity, is the wolf on the bed or the floor? Then again, I'm sure we'll discover that answer next week when we check back at the same bat time, same bat place, and the same bat channel. I love the expressions of the hunter and the wolf - there's a really nice line quality you have. Have fun and I too hope we all get to meet sometime - perhaps at one of these SCBWI conferences. Perhaps we all could do a lunch or dinner type thing if that ever happens, add a bottle of champagne (for everybodies hard work and progress this last year), and we'll all be babbling. Till then, keep on painting! Chris

  3. Hey Giselle!

    That is a mighty close deadline! Just don't kill yourself trying to meet it! It's definitely best to take your time and put out something you're 100% pleased with and not rush to meet a self-imposed deadline only to be 85% pleased, you know? But I'm sure it's still doable, you've got this story down!

    I know you said you've only just begun so I assume there will be more going on in this scene since obviously right now it's a little bare. My only concern here is I'm not totally sure if I understand what's going on in general. Perhaps reading the text that goes along with it would help, but you say this is the scene AFTER he's had it out with the wolf...that confuses me. Is the wolf lying down because they were just in a struggle? The wolf looks sort of peaceful, like he's taking a nap after a big meal, not worn out from a fight. And I'm not sure why the huntsman is way over there if they were just in a struggle. Wouldn't he be hovering over the wolf he just tackled? I could just be reading what you said wrong but if this is a scene after a struggle, I think I would reconsider the positioning. Maybe a close up of the huntsman's face with the wolf lying behind him, an over the shoulder view or something, with the huntsman looking back as if he were just about to go looking for grannie when it dawns on him that she's in the wolf's belly. Or something like that. Drawing wise, love it, just make sure the action is clear, unless I'm just way wrong.