Monday, June 04, 2007

More updates!

Hi Gals!

I'm late again this week posting my critiques but if you take a look you'll see that I gave you feedback just today!! Sorry but I've been really sick with a nasty headcold. I can't believe I got this in June for the love of God! Incessant dry coughing at night and a very cranky attitude in the morning as you can imagine. Ugh!!! Managed to get some work done on my mission to change my book dummy so that the text is designed within most of the illo's. I guess it's kind of like I've had to redo the entire book! But whatever it takes I say. After all the book reviews I had this past year this seemed to be an issue with all of them. To me it looks more like a traditional picture book anyway when the text is within the illo's and also it shows you have the ability to lay it all out, right? Well, here are two pieces I adapted and redrew to a certain extend by hand ( the pencil sketch) and also using photoshop. I widened and lengthened the color piece so I could get the text in at the bottom using the cloning tool in photoshop. The sketch was easier for me to add the extra areas in pencil to the original drawing. I've marked them with "before" and "afters" so it's not too confusing. I hope. Have a great week everyone. PS. Hope you're doing good Carlyn I saw you didn't post this week. Keep us updated.


AFTER: Flipped this one horizontally so that the flow of movement would be from left to right.




  1. Giselle,

    These are great, love all the changes. The entry of text in the bottom scene looks like it was always there...great job working that in!

    The flip on the top really works for me. What a smart and simple solution! The addition of "Granny's" legs adds so much movement/action to the piece that I can't get over it! I'm so glad you've had to rework it, now it really looks 'finished'.

    When we think of having to re-work things, it sounds so torturous at first. After so many hours on one project, you just want to be done. This is a perfect example of why we need to hang in there. Seeing this is so inspiring for me, thanks Giselle!

  2. Hi Giselle,
    These look great. I love the flip of the first redo. It makes the composition much stronger I think. I like how the text goes over the blankets as well. Very nice.

    I like all the movement with the woodsman as well. Shows a great deal of struggle which it is supposed to.

    I will definitely have a good resource when I start my dummy book. I think I am going with the 3 little pigs since I have a couple illo's already worked up for that. Just change some text and make it a retold story.
    These are great!

  3. Hi Giselle,
    I like the updates! On the colored piece, the "cloning" at the bottom and the added space for text really make a difference. And that extra space at the bottom really adds to the hunter's action - very cool.
    The mirrored image of the b/w sketch is a good idea, only the hunter's hand on the wolf's ear seems off to me - perhpaps if you can move the wolf's ear and the hunter's hand back a little, it may help perspective wise.
    Otherwise, these are working well and your dummy is really coming together nicely. Good luck with everything and get over that head cold. The cough at night is no fun and I know what you mean about being grumpy from lack of sleep. Hopefully you can get some cough suppressant/expectorant to kick that out of your lungs - yukky stuff for sure.
    Well, enough babbling from moi - have fun drawing and may you sleep well. Best, Chris

  4. These are great, Giselle! I think this was a smart move and it seems to have payed off. At a glance I thought I wouldn't change a thing but after Chris's comment, I do agree that his hand is a bit awkward. For me it's just that he looks like he's sort of pinching the wolf's head. I would think it would be more of a grab or even a push. But everything else is great!

    Do you know who you're sending to first? exciting!! :)