Sunday, June 17, 2007

Finishing but not on time.

Hello girls!
Hope you had a productive week.
I don't know where the time went but I did manage to finish these two sketches. Thanks for the feedback on the hands Brenda I know they were off but I think they are better now? In this top first one the huntsman is frantically looking around for the granny. He has previously knocked the wolf out cold by the doorway. I added some disarray to the room to make this more apparent. I also made the wolf's belly much bigger and left him laying by the door because in the previous scene that's where they were fighting. Does he still look like he's napping? Gina after you mentioned that I realized he did look kind of just relaxed there but didn't know how to make him look "knocked out" really other than adding things to the room that showed there had been a fight.

In the one below I'm hoping you don't think the huntsman is going to freak any little kids out as he's grabbing the wolf by the jaws. But you let me know. I felt since in the book I don't really show any "devouring of bodies" or real grusomeness I figured I'd get a little closer here and show his anticipation as he pries the nasty wolf's jaws apart. There's no text on this illo. It's a full page and the text is on the adjacent page where you also see Little Red already out and pleading with the huntsman to save her granny too!( Not done drawing that one yet)
"And so he took the wolf’s jaws and pulled them apart. As he looked down into the wolf’s throat he could see a brightly colored red cloak. He tugged on it pulling out Little Red Riding Hood very much shaken but still alive. She thanked him withall her heart and said, “Oh, thank you sir! I was so frightened, but hurry, hurry please save my granny,she too is in the wolf’s belly!”
Let me know your thoughts with all of this. Hopefully I didn't confuse you. I'll be leaving for vacation on Saturday for two weeks but will definitely still post my citiques since both of my teenagers are bringing their laptops. Yeah!! I have to stay connected!! If I get a little bit more done on another sketch this week I'll scan it before I leave and post it next Monday. Enjoy the great weather!! I know I will!!!


  1. WOw, Giselle...these are really great!

    I'm thinking that if the wolfs tongue was on the floor(w/mouth slightly open) as well, he'd look more "knocked out".

    Maybe it's just me, but is the door the same size as the opening? it looks a bit too wide. I love the scene though!

    I think the bottom illo is really awesome. I don't think it is too scarey, as the huntsman is clearly in control.

    Giselle, you are truely talented...I am learning so much from you! Thank you!!!:D

  2. Hi Giselle,
    These are looking much better.
    I think the wolf on the floor works, but, if you want to show him more "knocked out", perhaps you could show a different view - or a close up of his face, with his eye's closed or half closed.
    As for the second image, I don't think it's too violent and it goes with the words fine.
    I've seen other popular PB's that are just as graphic, so I think you'll be okay with this one.
    Have fun on your vacation and with the kids. For some reason, I sometimes get more drawing/writing done while on vacation because it get's me "out of the kitchen" - the less dishes to wash, the more drawing time! Happy, happy, joy joy. Enjoy and hopefully you're going to a beach or lake somewhere. Bon Voyage - Chris

  3. Hi Giselle,
    I really like the last illustration. It's very powerful and the woodsmen looks like he is really determined. That is definitely a great one. I love how you use so many different perspectives in your work!

    The door looks a little big for the opening. The door is wider than the opening I think.
    I like the little details of the glasses on the floor and the broken vase.
    Very nice work! Have fun on your vacation as well!

  4. Giselle, these look wonderful! I'm definitely getting more of a "knocked out" feeling now but I do like Lisa's suggestion as well of letting his tongue hang out - definitely a "kid friendly" way to say knocked out and not d-e-a-d!

    Speaking of, and this ties in with the last illo, too, it's surprising what people in the "kid industry" are willing to put out there and suggest to kids and what they are not. I can see what you mean about the last scene being scary, and I don't think my 7 year old step-son would be scared one bit but I do wonder more about what industry people might think. What makes me question this is actually a game we just received as a gift for my step-son, Nick. Nick really really wanted Clue (a who-done-it boardgame if you aren't familiar, where you have to guess who killed someone, with what, and in what room) which we were like sure, we loved Clue as kids! So one of our relatives actually ended up getting it for him and picked out the Clue version for 6 and up, which we were really curious, why would they make a different version for kids these days? We certainly played that game at his age and had no problem. It seemed strange they would make a new version for young kids. So upon closer inspection as we're looking everything over and thinking gee, it really looks basically the same, what gives? Well, then we noticed the ONLY difference is that instead of the whole "who killed so and so" part, it's now "who ate the cake?" Yes, it's now who ate the cake, at what time, and in what room. We laughed to ourselves but assured Nick it was the same game. But come on, who ate the cake? Can he really not "handle" the murder mystery part? I LOVED that game at his age and do not feel at all scarred! This is a kid who asks with pretty much everything "is that dead?" "will this kill that?" "will that die if this happens" etc. Nick, a 7 year old boy, LOVES death stuff! He quite literally will ask things like "If a volcano errupts and hot lava poors down and there's a lightning storm and we all get struck by lightning and get stuck in hot lava, would we die?" Yes, stuff like that. But he's not scared, he loves it! It just seemed really strange to us and I think it shows that we live in a society right now that is afraid to "over expose" kids (ironic, huh?), so I guess my point is that I would just be careful is all. Not from a standpoint that I think any of us are bothered or think it's too much but industry people might be weary. But really, great great job, Giselle! You really ought to be so proud!