Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Definitely moving at vacation speed

Hi girls!

I haven't done laundry or cooked in 3 DAYS!! Yeah! We are all walking around and enjoying life here in Bethany Beach, De in our bathing suits mainly. Lovin it all! Experiencing great weather and nobody's come down with anything. Really can't ask for more!! I have nothing to post at this time because I've done nothin but caught up on sleep and relaxed a lot with the gang. I will certainly do my crits this week and try to post something for next Monday. I can't let it go for lng. Anyway what I've seen so far on here looks great girls. Hope to get back in the groove with you all. Thanks for the wonderful feedback on last week's pieces. I do miss being home in my tiny little studio though. I'm on my daughter's laptop presently and it's not as convenient as my nice computer at home. I'm in the middle of our condo's dining room trying to concentrate on writing with my two little guys running around and two teenagers warring over the usual stuff. Wouldn't trade it for anyone else's life even though half the time I want to run away to Tahiti!!! Keep up all the beautiful works!!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Finishing but not on time.

Hello girls!
Hope you had a productive week.
I don't know where the time went but I did manage to finish these two sketches. Thanks for the feedback on the hands Brenda I know they were off but I think they are better now? In this top first one the huntsman is frantically looking around for the granny. He has previously knocked the wolf out cold by the doorway. I added some disarray to the room to make this more apparent. I also made the wolf's belly much bigger and left him laying by the door because in the previous scene that's where they were fighting. Does he still look like he's napping? Gina after you mentioned that I realized he did look kind of just relaxed there but didn't know how to make him look "knocked out" really other than adding things to the room that showed there had been a fight.

In the one below I'm hoping you don't think the huntsman is going to freak any little kids out as he's grabbing the wolf by the jaws. But you let me know. I felt since in the book I don't really show any "devouring of bodies" or real grusomeness I figured I'd get a little closer here and show his anticipation as he pries the nasty wolf's jaws apart. There's no text on this illo. It's a full page and the text is on the adjacent page where you also see Little Red already out and pleading with the huntsman to save her granny too!( Not done drawing that one yet)
"And so he took the wolf’s jaws and pulled them apart. As he looked down into the wolf’s throat he could see a brightly colored red cloak. He tugged on it pulling out Little Red Riding Hood very much shaken but still alive. She thanked him withall her heart and said, “Oh, thank you sir! I was so frightened, but hurry, hurry please save my granny,she too is in the wolf’s belly!”
Let me know your thoughts with all of this. Hopefully I didn't confuse you. I'll be leaving for vacation on Saturday for two weeks but will definitely still post my citiques since both of my teenagers are bringing their laptops. Yeah!! I have to stay connected!! If I get a little bit more done on another sketch this week I'll scan it before I leave and post it next Monday. Enjoy the great weather!! I know I will!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Very rough sketch!

Hi gals!

Thanks for the feedback on last weeks pieces. Glad you think I've improved them in general. This project is taking me so long I don't think I'll be able to finish it by the time we leave for our summer vacation on June 23rd! I really wanted to mail it out before then and I just might make it but I'm not going to kill myself over it if I don't. I really want the last couple of sketches to come out well and not have a rushed look to them. Anyway, I barely got this started but it is the scene right after the wolf and huntsman have had it out and the huntsman is looking everywhere for the granny. He realizes that the wolf has most definitely gulped her down, thus his frantic expression, I hope? I have to add everything in between of course. It's a doublespread and the text is going to go below the huntsman and perhaps some above the wolf. I still have to rewrite that part! Oh goodness I'm rambling aren't I? God how I wish we all lived closer and could actually meet once a week. Then you could hear me rambling away! Wouldn't that be cool. Hopefully one day we will meet.

Monday, June 04, 2007

More updates!

Hi Gals!

I'm late again this week posting my critiques but if you take a look you'll see that I gave you feedback just today!! Sorry but I've been really sick with a nasty headcold. I can't believe I got this in June for the love of God! Incessant dry coughing at night and a very cranky attitude in the morning as you can imagine. Ugh!!! Managed to get some work done on my mission to change my book dummy so that the text is designed within most of the illo's. I guess it's kind of like I've had to redo the entire book! But whatever it takes I say. After all the book reviews I had this past year this seemed to be an issue with all of them. To me it looks more like a traditional picture book anyway when the text is within the illo's and also it shows you have the ability to lay it all out, right? Well, here are two pieces I adapted and redrew to a certain extend by hand ( the pencil sketch) and also using photoshop. I widened and lengthened the color piece so I could get the text in at the bottom using the cloning tool in photoshop. The sketch was easier for me to add the extra areas in pencil to the original drawing. I've marked them with "before" and "afters" so it's not too confusing. I hope. Have a great week everyone. PS. Hope you're doing good Carlyn I saw you didn't post this week. Keep us updated.


AFTER: Flipped this one horizontally so that the flow of movement would be from left to right.