Monday, May 14, 2007

More Revisions!!


After ( Now a doublespread)

Close up of wolf outside

Hi Gals,
Thanks for all of the feedback last week. I knew it was too much to try and put all of those pieces on one sheet! It looked so crowded to me I don't know what I was thinking. Have adjusted appropriately and sent a batch out. Yeh!! In an effort to get my book dummy where I want it to be, mostly finished and out of my hair, I'm redoing some of the scenes to integrate the text in with the illo. hopefully this one works. Oh and I know the room looks a bit austere, I have to add more little details to the furniture and such. Will do. I have added the wolf in the window sniffing the air form the edge of the woods. Thus the fly away curtains in the open breeze to draw attention to his tiny figure. I suppose he will be more noticeable in color. Let me know your thoughts and keep up the great work! Hope all of you all had a nice mother's day whether you are a mother or have a mom and were able to celebrate. I had a great day drawing, reading and just "chillin" as the young crowd calls it and had a delicious meal cooked by everyone in the house except me! Loved it.


  1. I like both. haha big help. I like how the second gives a sense of the setting and how the first zooms into the expressions.

    It really depends a lot on what the pages look like before and after this one. (did you already previously zoom in or did the page following zoom in) You of course want to pace it right so that some pages zoom in to the scene and some do not.

  2. Hey Giselle!

    This is the first time I've seen this entire spread. Although I love the over-all composition, I think Red looks too tall (now that I can see her whole body here). It didn't seem so in the other drawings, so I wonder.."is it just me?" Her head appears too small for this body.

    I'm also concerned that readers might not notice the wolf! Maybe if we could see just a tiny bit more of him or maybe you could move him closer, like he's peeking in the window? I love the billowing curtains, nice touch!

    Actually, I expected sparse furnishing, as I always thought (for some reason) that they were poor!

  3. Hi Giselle,
    These are looking great so far. I especially love the top one with the close up on mom and Red, it's very charming.
    On the wider shot, with the room, you may want to check the perspective on the table under the window. And perhaps play around with the placement of Red. For some reason, the perspective seems funny there too, but, if you just lower her whole figure a little, it may just do it. Then again, it could be me, as I just startig a new head cold today.
    Other then that, all is looking good. I love the curtains in the window by the way. Good luck with the promos too! Chris

  4. Hey Giselle!
    I think I like both, too, and I agree that it really depends on the overall layout with what's before it and after. Although if I had to pick I think I'd go with the close up. I just LOVE the way you drew their faces and I like seeing them up close and personal, sort of like we're getting to know the characters in that scene. I do agree that the perspective's off in the room scene. When in doubt, just check it using one point perspective, which seems to be what you've used more or less here. Just looking at the top of the chest and the floor line, you can see that they wouldn't recede to a single point in space which is what tells you it's not quite there (and which is what I momentarily forgot in my piggy scene then suddenly remembered and it became super clear what was bothering me, aka, no point in space!). But again, I do like them both so I'd say just take a look at everything all spread out and see what you've got. I personally like to make teeny tiny mini dummies when I get to this point - I photo copy all of my pages to about 2 or 3 inches or so (yes, I said TINY!) and staple it all together to see what it would really look like as a book (just a very small one!). I find this really helps me get a real feel for everything, even more so than just looking at my pages spread out on the floor.

    Great job, Giselle! Good luck!