Sunday, May 06, 2007

Having fun in Photoshop!!!!

Promotional mailer:



Hi girls!

Sorry I posted my critiques so late again this week but that's the best I could do. Lately I've been running around like a chicken without a head. I finished them all so take a peek. I didn't forget you. Anyway, I've been having a good week playing around in photoshop and changing my first page to my book dummy so that the text is within the piece. I'm going to go in this direction with most of the book so hopefully you'll bear with me with all of my revisions! I had to make this piece of Little Red wider and taller so I could pull this off and also repainted the sky using only photoshop. How exciting! This is something very new to me being able to change a piece without actually getting the paints out! Anyway, if I screwed it up and it looks way off I know you'll tell me. Also I got a promotional sheet ready to send out and wanted to know if it's too crowded? You be the judges. Have a fabulous week and try those Ice chips Carlyn, they might help you. Feel better soon.


  1. Hi Giselle!
    Your new photoshoped piece looks great! I definitely could not tell the difference and I really like the words in the clouds. Very nice job there! I think in your promo piece I would take a couple of things out personally. Not even so much for crowding as much as I know from seeing those pieces before that you're loosing some great details in some of them being so tiny. Like your flying past the moon children is one of my favorite pieces but I can hardly see it! And you know how I love the scary teacher lady, but again so small! You have enough pieces here to be a full portfolio, too, so I would personally take out enough so that it's more of a sampling and leave them wanting to see more of that great work, aka contact you! :) I've actually been working on a brochure this week and it is tough to narrow it down but I chose 3 pieces on the inside and one for the cover hoping I've enticed them enough to want more. I'll try to post it tomorrow since I've never done a brochure or anything like that either so I could use some advice there as well. This promo stuff is tricky, I sometimes wish there was a "this is exactly how you do it" manual out there, you know? Anyway, great work, Giselle! Can't wait to see that dummy complete! :) -Gina

  2. Hi Giselle,
    I must say I like the words in the clouds much better as well. The colors really pop out at me on the second one.
    As for your promo piece How large is it? If it's a postcard type mailer the images might be a little small. If it's a 8 and a half by 11 I think it will be ok. Photoshop is fun to play with when you are doing stuff like this isn't it?
    looks great!
    Have a good week!

  3. I do like the words in the cloud because it opens up the piece so that there is more space around Red. The extra space and wider crop makes her feel free. But really it is not the text in the blue that is stronger. (I still think the text should go outside of the picture to showcase your art)It is the crop that is stronger. Why do you need so much white space around Red? If you kept the text outside of the pictures and used half the white space then it would not look so framed. You really only need a quarter inch frame.

    When we frame art with a huge border we make it less intimate for the viewer. It is harder for our eyes to get inside the picture. We have to work past the frame. It feels Museum-like.

    And The text in the blue is hard to read still. You need to put a lighter color behind it for it to pop. I am worried you are going to have the same problem throughout the book. Do all the pages honestly have a clear space that you will be able to place the text? Yes, you could redraw every page to accomodate the text correctly but it is not an easy task! Especially when there is so much text to fit. I could be totally wrong but I am not convinced it is going to work.

  4. Hi Giselle -
    I love the new version of the illustration with Red in the street - and that sky works great!
    As for the promo piece, it looks okay, but, I've heard that art directors prefer only 1 to 4 images on promo pieces. And if you do multiple images, they should be all from the same story. If you choose one image - make it one of your strongest pieces.
    I used to make promo pieces like this, with lot's of mulitple images, but, found out this little tidbit at a SCBWI conference, after I sent it out of course.
    Anywho, hope this helps. Good luck and I hope I'm not too late.
    Happy Spring - Chris