Sunday, May 20, 2007

And Yet Another Revision!

Hi Ladies,

Posting a little early this week because tomorrow Monday, let's just say I'm booked to the max with my kids activites! I know I'll never get to the computer so here I am on Sunday. Anyway thanks so much for the suggestions on last week's piece with Red and her Mom. I'm definitely sticking with the larger view of the room with the billowing window curtains showing the wolf outside sniffing the air. I cropped it a bit closer so the perspective on the room is better and you can't notice all of the wonderful flaws, like Red being to long and tall compared to her mom, also you can see the wolf outside much better now too! Thanks great suggestions. On a new note this piece I've posted here ( a doublespread by the way) I was going to leave out of the book dummy but decided to bring it back because I really like the aerial view. I posted this last year but it wasn't finished to this level and the layout of the text was all wacky. Anyway,without rambling too much more let me know your thoughts. I've posted all my comments on your pieces just today for this past week so take a look if you haven't already. Again sorry for being so late again. I was able to get a lot of work done today on the computer. I take whatever I get around here so if the kids aren't around I'm working if they're around forget about it. Have a great week.


  1. Hey Giselle, you know how I feel about aerial views! LOVE'm!!

    I love this too, it really gives you a feel for the density of the forest (shiver) and the actual size of the wolf compared to Red. It gives you that "trapped" feeling, Like a mouse in a maze.

    Just looking at the length of him gave me a sense of forboding, like I was about to watch her being eaten!! I'm sure this will have quite an impact on the children who are new to this story.

    This is a good example of how we can use illustration to create a mood...this one brings out anxiety! I want her to drop the stupid basket and R-U-N!!!!!!

  2. I too am a fan of the ariel view. This is great. It's always an unexpected twist to get an illustration like this. I like the long sleak look of the wolf.
    I also like how the bushed are uneven making the trail look wider in some parts. This is really a nice one. Good job!

  3. Hi Giselle,
    I do like the aerial view as well. It's a cool concept and I like the nice eerie feeling it gives. It's going to look really cool painted.
    Have fun with the kids! Chris

  4. Hi Giselle,
    What really strikes me in this one is the way you have done the bushes so that they are almost choking inward. It gives a real sense of entrapment. I think if you had chosen to make small figues with a lot of space around them then you would not have got the same feeling. This is really going to be spectacular when it is painted in....picturing a dark creepy night scene.

  5. Just love it, Giselle! And I'm glad you chose to post it on the showcase, really showing off your talent and ability to think creatively compositionally. Great work, it will be a beautiful painting! :) -Gina