Monday, May 28, 2007

Getting Closer to the Finish Line!

Revised Version of Encounter

Old Version of Encounter
Hi Ladies!
I was hoping to get this up here earlier today but like most of you the holiday kept me from working on my art. Excuses excuses right? The weekend was very relaxing I must say, thus the late posting! Anyway I'm running on empty here and just wanted to show you this revised piece I did today(actually this is the second revision but who's counting at this point) and hope you can let me know if it works better with the text inside the illo. I like the two characters closer together as in the top piece. I think it creates more tension, but of course that's for you to judge. I have a couple of more pages to revise before I send this off and am very much focusing on the light at the end of the tunnel!! OK I'll stop using the word "revised". Thanks in advance.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

And Yet Another Revision!

Hi Ladies,

Posting a little early this week because tomorrow Monday, let's just say I'm booked to the max with my kids activites! I know I'll never get to the computer so here I am on Sunday. Anyway thanks so much for the suggestions on last week's piece with Red and her Mom. I'm definitely sticking with the larger view of the room with the billowing window curtains showing the wolf outside sniffing the air. I cropped it a bit closer so the perspective on the room is better and you can't notice all of the wonderful flaws, like Red being to long and tall compared to her mom, also you can see the wolf outside much better now too! Thanks great suggestions. On a new note this piece I've posted here ( a doublespread by the way) I was going to leave out of the book dummy but decided to bring it back because I really like the aerial view. I posted this last year but it wasn't finished to this level and the layout of the text was all wacky. Anyway,without rambling too much more let me know your thoughts. I've posted all my comments on your pieces just today for this past week so take a look if you haven't already. Again sorry for being so late again. I was able to get a lot of work done today on the computer. I take whatever I get around here so if the kids aren't around I'm working if they're around forget about it. Have a great week.

Monday, May 14, 2007

More Revisions!!


After ( Now a doublespread)

Close up of wolf outside

Hi Gals,
Thanks for all of the feedback last week. I knew it was too much to try and put all of those pieces on one sheet! It looked so crowded to me I don't know what I was thinking. Have adjusted appropriately and sent a batch out. Yeh!! In an effort to get my book dummy where I want it to be, mostly finished and out of my hair, I'm redoing some of the scenes to integrate the text in with the illo. hopefully this one works. Oh and I know the room looks a bit austere, I have to add more little details to the furniture and such. Will do. I have added the wolf in the window sniffing the air form the edge of the woods. Thus the fly away curtains in the open breeze to draw attention to his tiny figure. I suppose he will be more noticeable in color. Let me know your thoughts and keep up the great work! Hope all of you all had a nice mother's day whether you are a mother or have a mom and were able to celebrate. I had a great day drawing, reading and just "chillin" as the young crowd calls it and had a delicious meal cooked by everyone in the house except me! Loved it.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Having fun in Photoshop!!!!

Promotional mailer:



Hi girls!

Sorry I posted my critiques so late again this week but that's the best I could do. Lately I've been running around like a chicken without a head. I finished them all so take a peek. I didn't forget you. Anyway, I've been having a good week playing around in photoshop and changing my first page to my book dummy so that the text is within the piece. I'm going to go in this direction with most of the book so hopefully you'll bear with me with all of my revisions! I had to make this piece of Little Red wider and taller so I could pull this off and also repainted the sky using only photoshop. How exciting! This is something very new to me being able to change a piece without actually getting the paints out! Anyway, if I screwed it up and it looks way off I know you'll tell me. Also I got a promotional sheet ready to send out and wanted to know if it's too crowded? You be the judges. Have a fabulous week and try those Ice chips Carlyn, they might help you. Feel better soon.