Sunday, April 01, 2007

Some wilted flowers, Dead grandpa has a new expression,Changed layout

Hi gals,
Hope everyone's weekend didn't whoooooosh by like mine. I don't know where the time goes lately. I know I was working on this book dummy but I guess it doesn't show too much this week. I'm actually nearing the end with this project and hopefully you can bear with me a couple of more weeks until I'm done. I have been going over it and over it and just basically fine tuning some of the sketches and adjusting the text so it reads better. I changed dead Grandpa's expression to look more perplexed in his picture frame above the bed where Granny thinks Red is at the door but it's actually the nasty Mr.Wolf! I also made this illo taller and added the canopy and ceiling above the bed so it would look better next to the previous page. I will be placing the wilted flowers with "Snowy" in the center as a one of the vignettes reflecting the doom approaching Red and the granny . And the last adjustment was on pages 23/24 at the bottom where I placed the text all by itself and made the illo a 3/4 doublespread layout. Before I had the text within the trees and it didn't really match the rest of the book with all the text on it's own.

Vignettes of flowers go from pretty in full bloom to wilted as the book progresses to reflect the doom approaching red and granny. At the end of course they are in full bloom again after rescue by courageous huntsman.



Close up on "After". Dead Grandpa is quite concerned about his widowed wife letting Mr. Wolf in!!




  1. Hi Giselle,
    I do like the expression on granny's face much better in the after. Could you possibly add back a smaller window with the wolf tale sticking out. I just think kids would adore to see the wolf tale predicting the next scene. It's that kind of extra details that editors really notice too. The window in the before was too close to the scene and distracting but I still think you can work that window back in with a less stronger hand.

    I love the after of the man with the pipe too. It is much cleaner.

  2. Hi Giselle,
    The changes are looking great! I love the re-do of the bottom scene -with the hunter and 3/4 ds. Nice sense of space.
    I agree with Carlyn as for the window with the wolf's tale foreshadowing the danger to come. Perhaps you could add the window where the chair is, taking the chair out. That way, it's in a spot where the reader can see it, but, granny can't. Just food for thought.
    These are looking really nice and I love the wilted flowers and snowy - his expression is perfect.
    Have fun! Chris
    p.s. a techy question: as of last week and this week, I've noticed that the number of posts for comments is not coming up on the view blog - for example, on the comments below your post for this week, it reads "0 comments" , but, when I clicked on it to post a comment, I found that you had one comment from Carlyn so far. Is anyone else having this trouble or is it my computer again?
    Also, did you ever find an answer to your photoshop psd question? My photoshop does the same thing with my psd windows, so I save as a copy - as jpeg and that seems to work too. Well, that's all - Toodles for now...

  3. Hi Giselle,
    I really like a lot of your changes. I would have to agree with adding a small window with the wolf. I think kids would realy love that!

    I also like the woodsman piece with the text on the other page. Not having the trees realy makes us focus on the woodsman more. A lot cleaner and easier to look at.

    Grandpa definitely looks concerned.

    Little details like that are always fun to notice in a book. They are also good conversation starters for teachers and librarians. Looks great!

  4. I definetly like the changes. The bedroom scene at the top is much clearer and adding the top of the canopy makes it look finished. Nice job.

    I love the expression on Grandpa's face, and his hair standing straight up like that is a cute touch!

    I like the addition of the shoulder strap on the hunter, and yes, the illo does fit in better now with the rest of the book.

    Great job!

  5. Hi Giselle!
    I'm so excited for you that this project is almost completed! You've worked so hard on it and definitely deserve great success! I do agree with everything that's been said so far so I won't bother to repeat. You're changes are right on and with a couple of other little tweaks here and there, you'll be set! My only addition to what's been said above is I would check the width of the end of the bed in comparison to the headboard near granny. At first, I thought the chair looked like it was on top of the bed a bit but I think this is because it's slightly too narrow, again, in comparison to the top. Just a thought. Excellent job on these, Giselle! I'm really excited for you! :)


  6. ps - I LOVE LOVE LOVE the story of the flowers throughout! What an excellent added touch! The kind of thing that art directors love!! :) -Gina