Monday, April 09, 2007

Just a rough sketch

Hi gals,

Hope everyone had a good holiday! I didn't get much done around here unfortunately other than this sketch showing "Snowy" going Coo! Coo! at the sight of Mr. Wolf's lovely tail making it's way inside. The doorway is supposed to look ajar and a hint of his fur will show in opening. Didn't quite get there yet. I couldn't really keep the wolf's tail showing through the window back in the bedroom as suggested for last week's piece because it didn't work with the front door being "inside" the granny's bedroom. The whole front entrance with the door and window in her bedroom was too confusing. I don't think there would be much of a surprise then. I wanted of course to go with your wonderful suggestion of keeping his tail in "a" window somewhere thus, I moved the scene to the adjacent room, the living room. I'll be adding some hints of furniture to reflect that. Anyway this scene would go right before the page with the wolf lying sound asleep in granny's bed dressed in her bonnet and all after gobbling her up! Let me know your thoughts. Ooooh! It's 11:33 pm here so I guess I made my posting on time! Yeh!!!


  1. Hi Giselle,
    The text is going outside of the pic right? if yes, then I would zoom into the window more....sort of like you did to show us an upclose detail. There is some uninteresting dead space created in the top version. I also think it would be neat to have some of the feathers breaking out of the picture box to create an interesting frame. (Just a couple here and there)

    Other than that this is ready to go. Are you going to paint a reflection on the window? I always thinks those are so tough.

  2. Hi Giselle -
    I love Snowy - her expression and reaction work perfectly with the wolf's tale in the window - it really gives it a nice sense of forthcoming danger.
    Can't wait to see it progress!
    We've got that snow storm, as I'm sure you do too. Happy Spring by golly. And keep on painting! Chris

  3. Hey Giselle,
    You know, not to make things more complicated, but instead of having that tail peaking through a window in granny's room, it could also have been a doorway leading to a hall or something, no? Like he's already in the house and lurking outside of granny's room? Just a thought! Otherwise this does get the message across quite well but I do agree, don't be afraid to zoom right in here! The thing that kids are going to want to see is Snowy's expression and that menacing tail so give 'em a front row seat to the action I say!

    Great work, Giselle!