Monday, April 23, 2007

Conference was fun but "Crappy" too

Hey gals,

Just got back from the illustrator's day conference in NYC and had a pretty good day. Recognized some people from last year and yapped my little head away all day. The book review was a bit "crappy" ,sorry for the language but I don't know any other way to describe it. From the moment I set eyes on the person, no names mentioned of course, that was going to review my book dummy I knew it was not going to be good. She was really angry looking? Had definitely woken up on the wrong side of the bed and became very defensive when I asked her what her background was. I actually thought that was a legitimate question since I wanted to know what knowledge she was basing her critique on. All the other conferences I've been to always have a little bio on all of the speakers, editors, etc.. so you know who you're dealing with. And I asked her right up front too not after she started throwing the daggers so it wasn't a defnsive move on my part I was just trying to break the ice a bit or iceburg I should say. Or I guess she started throwing the daggers because I asked her? Who knows? I have a very tough skin so I made the best of it. Oh the funniest part of the whole thing was that in the middle of everything she asked why I didn't show Little Red Riding Hood being swallowed up by the wolf? I was like Huh??? I answered, "Wouldn't that be a bit much for the little ones who read these stories? Don't you think they would get scared? She answered "You might have a point there". God give me strength!
All in all though the day certainly wasn't wasted since I adore NYC and had the chance to talk to one of the artists' agents that was a speaker. I gave her my samples, which she loved, and said she would look at my site and email me if she was interested. Who knows , something might come of it. Well that's enough venting for now and I'm in need of lots of sleep so I'm off to bed. The piece I posted here is one of the last scenes from the book dummy. Let me know your thoughts and my apologies if I sounded whiny I just had to vent.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

So I took your advice....

New illo for Page 17

Page 15 and 16

Page 17 and 18

Hi gals,

I'm moving along at a quicker pace this week and I'm happy to say that I took your advice about zooming in on the characters. Hopefully you'll all agree this piece is better than the last one. The last one being with Snowy in the window looking out at the wolf's tail only, not his lovely face! SCBWI NYC illustrators day conference is next Monday , the 23rd and the following week is the Hofstra one on Saturday the 28th. I'm getting a book dummy review on the former and have one final sketch to revise this week and reprint the whole book new and fresh. Shouldn't have any trouble pulling it off I hope! Let me know your thoughts nevertheless.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Just a rough sketch

Hi gals,

Hope everyone had a good holiday! I didn't get much done around here unfortunately other than this sketch showing "Snowy" going Coo! Coo! at the sight of Mr. Wolf's lovely tail making it's way inside. The doorway is supposed to look ajar and a hint of his fur will show in opening. Didn't quite get there yet. I couldn't really keep the wolf's tail showing through the window back in the bedroom as suggested for last week's piece because it didn't work with the front door being "inside" the granny's bedroom. The whole front entrance with the door and window in her bedroom was too confusing. I don't think there would be much of a surprise then. I wanted of course to go with your wonderful suggestion of keeping his tail in "a" window somewhere thus, I moved the scene to the adjacent room, the living room. I'll be adding some hints of furniture to reflect that. Anyway this scene would go right before the page with the wolf lying sound asleep in granny's bed dressed in her bonnet and all after gobbling her up! Let me know your thoughts. Ooooh! It's 11:33 pm here so I guess I made my posting on time! Yeh!!!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Some wilted flowers, Dead grandpa has a new expression,Changed layout

Hi gals,
Hope everyone's weekend didn't whoooooosh by like mine. I don't know where the time goes lately. I know I was working on this book dummy but I guess it doesn't show too much this week. I'm actually nearing the end with this project and hopefully you can bear with me a couple of more weeks until I'm done. I have been going over it and over it and just basically fine tuning some of the sketches and adjusting the text so it reads better. I changed dead Grandpa's expression to look more perplexed in his picture frame above the bed where Granny thinks Red is at the door but it's actually the nasty Mr.Wolf! I also made this illo taller and added the canopy and ceiling above the bed so it would look better next to the previous page. I will be placing the wilted flowers with "Snowy" in the center as a one of the vignettes reflecting the doom approaching Red and the granny . And the last adjustment was on pages 23/24 at the bottom where I placed the text all by itself and made the illo a 3/4 doublespread layout. Before I had the text within the trees and it didn't really match the rest of the book with all the text on it's own.

Vignettes of flowers go from pretty in full bloom to wilted as the book progresses to reflect the doom approaching red and granny. At the end of course they are in full bloom again after rescue by courageous huntsman.



Close up on "After". Dead Grandpa is quite concerned about his widowed wife letting Mr. Wolf in!!