Sunday, March 11, 2007

Red runs into the Wolf !

Hi Gals,
As always thanks for the feedback on last weeks layouts for my book dummy. I'm quite happy with the way things have been moving along lately and will keep refining these pieces, with your help and support of course, until I feel confident enough to ship them off!! I've gone ahead and done another sketch here where Little Red runs into the nasty wolf for the first time. Hopefully she looks startled enough and he seems calm and collected with his sly approach. The text will be at the bottom of the page. I am going to keep the text outside of the art just to be consistent throughout the entire book dummy to give it more of a storybook feel like Carlyn suggested. Anyway let me know what needs to be worked on with this one and thanks in advance!


  1. Hi Giselle, I really like the size of the wolf compared to Red. His size alone is scarey, and his expression is full of malice!

    I also like the way the breeze is blowing her cape, hair and shoelaces, but shouldn't this breeze be reflected in the wolf a bit? Maybe just in his tail?

    Also, I think that the forest would be more foreboding if it were darker behind Red, allowing sunshine from up above the path to be the only light source.

    There's nothin' wrong with Red's hands, but I'm wondering if she would look more surprised (and frightened) if both palms were facing Mr. Wolf?

    Over-all, I think this is a great composition and shows continuity with the rest of your illo's for this book. Very Nice, you've been working hard!

  2. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for the quick feedback! My intention with Little Red was to make her appear as though she's stopping in her tracks because the wolf has suddenly appeared in front of her so she's put the brakes on her skipping along. Thus no wind in his fur or in the trees. I guess I have to work on her a little more to make it more evident. Oh and yes will definitely make the forest darker and have the light coming down from above great suggestion! Thanks again.

  3. hi Giselle,
    I do love this piece but is this a spread? If yes, the main action (the tension between red and wolf)is in the fold. I do think it is ok to illustrate tension across a fold but only if it is a sweeping diagonal or something that is not center focused. Maybe you could try another composition where we don't see both chracters in profile but maybe more of wolf's expression or vice versa. Although I am normally a fan of center focused compositions, I don't think they work as well when you have 2 objects of equal weight competing for your attention.

  4. Hi Carlyn,

    Thanks for the feedback. It's not a doublespread. This page faces and follows the one of Red waving goodbye to her mom ( the mom is in 1/4 profile and Red is far off waving between her mom's face and her mom's waving hand).Hope that makes sense!I'll post the layout with text on Sunday so you can see the flow better.

  5. Hi Giselle,
    I too like the feel of this piece. There is definitely fear in Red's eyes and facial expression. I would show the wind blowing the wolf's fur a little bit too. There should be fur movement with that much movement in her clothing and hair.
    This is really a nice composition. Your dummy book is really coming along nicely!

  6. Hi Giselle!
    You are so on a roll, Giselle! You should be proud! I'm very anxious to see the layout because I think the confusion part is just figuring out what's a double page and what's a single since they seem to be different sizes and shapes? Again, I trust that you know what you're doing so I'm just anxious to see it all together! My only suggestion here would be to make wolfy just a wee bit tubbier. He's huge, which is great, but sort of slender and athletic looking, I'm feeling like this is a wolf in good shape! :) I think if he were stockier in this image, he'd be even scarier. But otherwise, great piece!


  7. Hi Giselle -
    Great sketches! I love Red riding hood, her cape and the expression on both her and the wolf's faces. The wind effect is awesome too.
    I love the wolf. In a way, it may be good to see him tubbier, but, I recently saw a coyote in our yard and he looked skinny, so perhaps some wolves in the wild are skinny too?
    Either way, I'm sure you're decide which way you prefer him, and he'll turn out great whatever you do. Love these! Enjoy! chris