Sunday, March 18, 2007

A bit more layout

Hi gals!

I've been working on the layout of my book dummy some more and will hopefully post some of it for tomorrow. Just ran out of time this past week with my nephew visiting from college. No excuses though. I will have something for tomorrow!!

Well here's some more!! Better late than never right!


  1. Hi Giselle,
    These are absolutely beautiful.
    I love the feel of these drawings - there's a nice sense of danger, mystery and awe to them.
    I especially love the image where Red meets the wolf and they are sizing eachother up. One can definetly sense the tension in that scene - the wind in her cape, the sly grin in his face, the way his body slys and creeps - I wouldn't change a thing. This is going to look awesome in color.
    I also like the page layouts as well.
    That's all for now - have fun and happy Spring:) Chris

  2. Hi Giselle,
    Red and wolf look great knowing that they are not a spread. one little problem. The wind is pushing red forward yet the wolf's tail is going the opposite way. I think the tension should have one direction and it should start from the wolf and not red. So for example, I think it would look stronger if red's outfit was blowing the opposite way.

    The other two are perfect.

  3. These are looking beautiful, Giselle! Really lovely spreads and I love the way the trees are framing Red and Wolf. I see what Carlyn is saying about the "wind direction" even though I know you mentioned it's more of a "stopped suddenly" kind of thing, but perhaps turning the wolf's tail the other way would solve any confusion if you were unsure. My only picky point has to do with the text actually. Everything reads really well but when I'm reading the words that Red and Wolf are speaking to each other and then looking at the picture of the two of them together, it's not meshing for me. Their conversation sounds light and friendly but in the ilustration she looks frightened and he's scary (as they should be!). So my suggestion would be to rework the text slightly so that we read the tension and see the tension as well. I know you have "she said in a frightened voice" but I think you could add more. For example, you might write after the wolf says, "...that smells so delicous," asked the wolf. Trembling, the girl answered, "Oh, I have some muffins, fruit, and cidar..." etc. And then when it says "...Where does she live?" Little Red Riding Hood hesitated but then responded, "Her cottage is further down this path..." etc. Do you see what I mean? I guess for me I just want to really read a frightening scene to go along with the frightening image. But otherwise, great illustrations! Can't wait until you start sending this out!! :)