Sunday, February 25, 2007

Almost done with my new site!

Hi Gals,

Again sorry I wasn't able to crit anyone's work this week. I ended up having a horrible stomach virus this weekend and it literally wiped me out. Feeling a little stronger now. I'm almost done with the new site. Have to add a links page. Let me know what you all think. Thanks

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hofstra University Children's Book Conference?

Hi ladies,

Thanks for your input on last week's pieces. In the first sketch I've rethought the gutter issue and decided to put the text at the bottom separately. Geez what was I thinking to consider slicing poor wolfy in half!! I could have integrated the text into the illo like you all suggested but I would have had to do a lot of redrawing that I didn't want to do to get it to really work, lazy I know. If you think it really looks boring then by all means let me know. I'm getting incredibly impatient with getting this book dummy out and thought this might be one piece I could cut a few corners with. Not sure though. Again let me know your thoughts on this. The painted piece you've all seen before and follows the sketch illo in the book. I've added some text this layout too, hopefully you can read it when you open it up in the larger version. No new artwork for this week, just laying out more of the book as seen. I'm still working on my stinky website, which won't be anything to scream about mind you and since I'm such a dufuss at this computer stuff it's taking me foreverrrrrrr, argh. Anyway hope to finish uploading everything and arranging it to the best of my ability for next week. Oh and I almost forgot, I hope to attend Hofstra Univ.'s children's book conference in April out on Long Island, NY and was wondering if anyone knows anything about it firsthand? It's cosponsored by Hofstra and SCBWI ( They are going to have Brian Pinkney as the keynote speaker and an illustrator's picturebook workshop lead by Melanie Hope Greenberg. Sounds interesting so I think I'll attend. Thanks again for your critiques and support! Happy Blogging........

Monday, February 05, 2007

Working on Website

Hi Gals,

No art this week because I'm trying to figure out my new management system for my website. Not fun!!!! I'm not very computer savy so I've been pulling a lot of hair out of my head this weekend. Love all the art I see here though and thanks for the feedback on Little Red. It's actually what I've been trying to get uploaded to the new site, my latest sketches. Will post for next week. Happy Illustrating, Keep it up girls!!!!!!!!!