Sunday, January 21, 2007

Wolf anticipating his next move

Hi Gals,

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Thanks for the feedback for last week's Granny Redo piece. I think I'm on my way to finally finishing this book dummy or at least close! Anyway, the piece above is a couple of pages back in the story from the last two illo's I posted and takes place right before the wolf gets to the window and the dove is screeching close up against the glass. I know I have to show you my layout soon because I'm sure it's a bit confusing to see the images progress out of sequence. I'm kind of scattered that way and the pictures just come out like that in my head! Enough rambling and let me explain further. Here the dove has spotted the wolf outside and is just beginning to panic. I made a close up of the window with him in it so hopefully you can see his reaction pretty clearly. I had a heck of a time getting the wolf to appear clearly enough and distinguish him from the rest of the textures, schrubs,etc. His angle was hard to grasp too and I'm not sure if I've pulled it off? My seventeen yr old son , Tommy, told me he couldn't see the wolf until I pointed him out to him!! God they are so honest!!!! I actually thought I was finished when I did show it to him the first time and his comment made me look again and try working with the textures and shading. You be the judges. Thanks in advance for the feedback.


  1. Hi Giselle,
    I love the house and your style of drawing. The wolf looks good - I would just darken the grass/shrubbery between the house and the wolf a bit more - add some shadow and that should bring him out.
    The sky is cool, but, having the clouds cover the house roof confuses me a bit - it looks more like snow - what season is this in? Perhaps if you set the clouds behind the house, this could help - or make them more translucent if you want them to look like low hanging clouds.
    Otherwise, I think it's coming along fine - and the dove inside the window is great!
    Have fun - Chris

  2. Hi Giselle,
    This sketch is great! I would darken the bush in front of the house by the wolf a bit. i think it would definitely make the wolf "pop". As for the clouds or trees above the cottage you may want to define that area a little. It's a little difficult to tell exactly what that all is. I am assuming leaves and tree branches?
    I love the little cottage and you did a great job on the windows.
    Great job!

  3. Okay, I took it as foliage above the house, trees and such. I agree, the cottage is awesome tucked in there. I think that having us looking over the wolfs back is a brilliant move. You have trouble distinquishing the separation only because there is no color (I'm asuming there will be eventually?)once the color is placed, there will be no problem in knowing what part is wolf and what is foliage. Right now, in B&W, I can see how someone might think that the wolf's back is grass, but you know better. I wouldn't change a thing! Great Job!

  4. Hi Giselle,
    I like the fact that the wolf's back looks like the bushes. It is one of those "look closer" sort of things. The only thing that i am worried about is the amount of sky vs. the amount of space that is taken up by the house and wolf. The sky is feeling very weighty...almost like it is squashing the scene. Maybe should just a little bit more of teh wolf?

  5. Hi Giselle,

    I assumed this was trees and such as well. And if there are quite a bit of words going over the foliage I can see why the space is so large, but if you could afford to crop it down just a bit, as Carlyn said, I think this would help us focus on the good stuff like the wolf and freaked out dove.

    And I think part of the reason your brutally honest son didn't see the wolf at first is actually more than just shading personally. I think it's also due to all of the horizonal lines you have going on throughout this piece. Between the top of the roof, the bottom of the roof, the windows, the shrubs, and the back of the wolf, everything seems to be on this perfectly horizontal line. I think if you could break this up a bit it would help to have your main areas of interest stand out more, shading or no. I'm even thinking what if you turned this entire image diagnally a bit? I'm sure you know from my work I'm always tilting things on the diagnol but I think it would particularly work in this piece because it would also create a sense of "things not being quite right." There's a sense of danger or at least disorder when things don't seem in line with gravity and tilting this image would not only break up these lines but also give us the sense of trouble a brewin'! Although, even if you do decide to tilt the whole thing, I would still adjust wolf vs/ house just a bit so they're not all going in the same direction. But drawing wise everything is great! Just a little placement adjustment and it will be perfect! :) -Gina