Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Is it over yet?

Hi Gals,

I'm feeling a bit guilty but maybe you all are thinking the same thing I am- Is the holiday season over yet? Is the season to be "jolly" and "cheerful" at it's end? Don't know about you but I'm kind of "pooped". Our tree is out on the street and everything is packed and put away since Saturday! I guess I don't like it when Xmas gets old. Anyway, I was hoping to have something to post for this week but no goes. I'm going to finish up my critiques and finally get my butt in gear for next Sunday!!!!!!!! Love the way you all have managed to keep going! I know I'll catch up soon enough. Thanks for making comments on my last post. It was good to hear from you. Happy end of the Holiday Season to you all. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On with the new year.

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