Monday, December 10, 2007

I made it!

Hi girls,

Another crazy week flew by and I'm sorry to say Tortoise is still sitting on my drafting table. Ugh! I did manage to post comments on everyone's posts, today mind you, so if you're still interested take a look. Between Xmas shopping and preparing for the holidays in general, including the arrival of relatives for next week and trying to recuperate from my flu, I would really like to take a breather and run out of town to a spa or something for a couple of days and just "chill" like my kids would say. AHHH wouldn't it be wonderful. Of course I'm just day dreaming at this stage and need to face reality, the holiday crunch is officially here for moi!!!!!! Hope you've all managed to keep your stress levels to a minimum and if you have email me your "how to's" for the love of God. Happy blogging and may you all have a productive week.

Monday, December 03, 2007

A little more pastel

Hi ladies,

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I'm feeling much better now and had a great weekend myself! The grand opening of the community center where I'll be working in January went really well. I had tons of fun teaching my workshops and getting people interested in taking a course with moi! I had lots of my work displayed so they could know more about me from cartoon funny faces so the kids could learn about facial expressions to still lifes and portraits to show the adults what my course offerings were about. It was a huge turn out considering we had 2 inches of snow fall that morning. Nevertheless they came in droves so everyone was happy. Anyway I had to put Tortoise on the back burner so I could prepare and did this still life. Sorry I don't have any children's illo's to post but hopefully it will be another story for next week. Hope everyone has a wonderfully productive week!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy holidays!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Hope to have something to post next week

Hi ladies,

Just want to say thanks again for the suggestions on my tortoise story. I hope you all have the patience to give me more suggestions next week and let me know exactly where the beat is off when I repost it. I have a thick skin so don't worry about it. I really want to make it work and love to have fresh new material to illustrate. I've worked on the story some more but want to finish the rough draft before I post it again. I can't say I'll have much for next Monday with the holiday upon us and parties at school and at home but I'll try to sneak something in. So in a nutshell, I didn't get any farther with my sketch and feel like I'm coming down with the flu. This isn't good because I start my new teaching job in two weeks. They will be having their grand opening and having a whole celebration going on with many of the teachers giving demo classes so people will sign up. I being one of the teachers! I'm totally exhausted but totally excited too, if that makes any sense. Ok, I'm rambling now and need to hit the hay. Oh, on another note I was contacted by Bonnie who said she has too much on her plate at the moment and can't continue with the group. I was sorry to hear it but C'est la vie right. Hopefully she will join us again when things slow down. Best of luck Bonnie!!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Ahhh....Something New

Hi girls,

Well, I've started a new story!!! Only gotten half of it written but that's a lot for me so I'm excited. It's based on a true story, actually, about a tortoise that we had just a few months ago. Unfortunately in real life he disappeared, my little ones think he's living happily in the forest but we don't really know where he went. It makes for a good story so I'm taking advantage.
It all started with him seeming totally restless in his glass tank and bumping his head into the wall trying to get out over and over again. It wasn't fun to watch let me tell you. And we all felt really sorry for him so miserable and all. He was what you call a Russian tortoise, and these are known for being incredible escape artists. Believe me this one was! Well, one day we decided to put him out in the yard to run free, if you will, and chomp on some dandolines (their favorite food). Of course we watched him vigilantly and never had a problem with it. Then we had a brainstorm. We put him in our vegetable garden which was enclosed! This of course was before we read on the internet that they can escape from unbelievable places. Well at first he would build up dirt and pebbles and sit on top of them always climbing and climbing on things. All was well so we let him hang out there most of the summer and checked on him a couple of times of day. One day he was gone!!! The walls on the garden are 12inches high and are made of chicken wire! Do you know that that little guy, Samson (named after his strength) got out. My teenage son found him the next day while jogging on the side of the road about a 1/4 mile away! We knew it was him because of his specific markings. We were all happy to have him back, eventhough the kids kind of forgot about him after a while. I mean come on he's a tortoise. He wasn't too entertaining after a while but it was a good alternative to getting a dog, which I would have loved but was not up to. To make a long story short we changed the walls of the garden so he couldn't climb them anymore and made them out of tarp and a little taller. He got out again!!!! and we haven't seen him since. It's sad I know but what's one to do. Anyway here's what I'm working on and I've done a rough sketch of him cruising the grass and dandolines. Let me know your thoughts on the illo and the text if you have time. Sorry about my rambling!!! Here's the beginning of the text:

Bored in his tank with no one in sight,
Samson wants out,
he wants freedom that's right.

He pushes his pebbles and makes a big heap.
All with his hiney and his big

On top of this mound Samson feels tall.
He climbs to get out but then he just falls.

He wants to be free to run through the dew,
to eat some sweet dandolines oh just a few.

They loved him so much when he was brandnew,
so cute and so funny he'd walk and he'd

It's really all Samson could do it was
Oh how they tired of him as he grew.

Samson was sad all alone for a while,
until one fine day a boy showed him a smile.

Are you here for me?
Can it really be?

Oh please pick me up I want to see,
the world all around me,
the flowers the trees,
I'll stay by your side I promise oh please!

He flew through the air held tight by his
Landed quite gently he thought " this is
the sunshine, the grass, soft under my
adventures might follow who else might I meet?"

Crash it came down with a great giant thump,
next to his nose almost gave him a bump!

Quickly he hid deep into his shell.
He was in trouble this he could

"Apples they're falling one by one from the
Bumppety bump they are falling on me!"

"Psst! Psst! Silly Samson this is dangerous ground"
said a dove and a bunny, "just look around!"

"Follow us to the forest you'll be safe far away,
the children won't notice what will they say?"

"Oh! Samson where are you? Where could you be?"
"Oh no we don't think so they're too silly to see,

that you are no fool you just want to be free.
They shouldn't have left you alone by that tree!"

As fast as he could he followed the pair,
bunny hopping ahead the dove low in the air.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Getting ready to teach !!!

Hi ladies!,

Sorry to say I have no new work to post this week. I've been very busy getting ready for my new teaching job that's going to start in the beginning of December though. I'm extremely excited about it but very nervous to say the least. First time teaching adults so it should be a real learning experience. I visited the new location where the organization I'll be working for will be moving to and boy was that impressive. All shiny and new with great lighting and beautiful wooded areas where I can take my students outside ( weather permitting) and sketch, yay, I love that! I've been given the opportunity to start from scratch and furnish the artroom with the works! I just have to let them know what I'll need and go from there. Of course I'm in the midst of figuring out all the details so I'm a little overwhelmed right now. It's kind of bad timing with the holidays coming up but I said yes very enthusiastically to the job offer so there's no looking back now. Anyway I'm off to bed early tonight so I can get a fresh start in the morning. Have a great and productive week everyone. Goodnight

Monday, October 29, 2007

A little pastel piece

Hi ladies,

Thought I'd show you one of the pieces that I entered in our local art exhibit for my town library. It's done in my all time favorite medium, pastels. I love the mess and the colors when they don't get too muddy. It's a scene from my mother-in-law's house looking out of her picture window. That's a little bit of the Hudson River you see in the center there. I always loved the view and thought it would make a nice piece. On another note I'm still printing copies of my book dummy and sending more packages out each week. Hopefully someone will like it somewhere. Not much else too tell other than being very busy with Halloween coming up and school conferences and a couple of my little ones birthday parties. It's been a funfilled last couple of days and the parties aren't over yet. I'm off to hit the hay and start anew tomorrow. Have a wonderful productive week!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Just Promos!

Hi everyone,

Sorry to say I have no new artwork to post this week. I am working vigorously on promotional stuff though so I feel good about that. I just recieved the latest 2008 Children's Writer's and Illustrator's Market so I've been updating my mailing list and double checking everything. I really have never sent out sample packets, mainly just postcards. So this is a big step for me. The book dummy going out and this feels great. Thanks again for all of your feedback last week. Glad to see everyone seems to be enjoying this critique group as much as me! Have a great week!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

After researching....

Hi girls,

After researching again and again and again in the "Children's Writer's & Illustrators Market" (and different publisher's websites) about who to send my book dummy to and after absorbing all of your wonderful advice, I've come to the conclusion that I should send my book dummy to the art directors of a couple of houses I think my work would be a good fit for. This being mainly because my original intention was for publishers to notice my "illustrating abilities". I kept hearing that one of the ways to show your ability is to illustrate a classic tale that's well known ( also Little Red Riding Hood was my favorite as a child so it made it fun). A ton of the houses stated they were currently not accepting unsolicited manuscripts but then when I delved further and read about art submission guidelines they stated " book dummies helpful". So since my goal is to illustrate a book whether mine or someone else's I'm figuring the art director would pass it on, just like you mentioned Gina, if they really like it or just liked my style for another story. I'm game to anything at this point, my feelings certainly wouldn't be hurt! I think I'm going to state that I'm open to either so it would make it easier for them to ask me to illustrate another story if they have it. Also my Little Red story isn't that different from the original version so it's not like it has a new twist to it or anything. It's just tamer. On another note I had my kitchen renovated last week and only did lots of research and lots of printing. No new art for now but again thanks for your kind words and support. Hopefully something will come of all of this.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Ok I'm ready to print it out and send it off to publishing land!

Wow, I thought I'd never get to post that title! I am so very ready but first would like some advice on what goes with a book dummy. What kind of cover letter do you send? Who should I send it to, the art director or the editor? I have my publishers picked and thoroughly researched but am getting "book dummy submission stage fright" if that could possibly be a term? Anyway, if you have any advice I would love to hear it. Oh and thanks for the feedback on last week's stuff. I fixed up all the loose ends and tweaked all that needed tweaking so now I just have to go get more ink for my printer and double check one last time for typos. Ahh, it feels great to be done at last but by the same token I'm not looking forward to the rejections I know will be in my mailbox. No artwork for this week just posted the two color pieces I'll be including with the black and whites for those of you who haven't seen them. Not intended for critique. Thanks in advance and have great and productive week!

Monday, September 17, 2007

And more tweaking!!!!!





Hi everyone!
Here are a couple more spreads I worked on this week. I have only one more sketch I have to redraw and post for next week and then I'll be done at least with the total revamping. I finally have all of the text within all of the illo's, Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure you're all as sick of these as I am but the end is near! Yeah!!! Anyway thanks for all of your help and last week's feedback. On the top doublespread here I realized I have to separate the two pages a little more visually. The greys seem to run into each other where they meet. Thanks in advance! Hope everyone is on track this week with their critiques and posting. Happy blogging!!!!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Should I paint the cover for my book dummy????

Hi girls!
I had a pretty productive weekend so far. Considering the last two weeks I came up with practically nothing I'm glad to say I was able to enjoy my drawing board a lot more. Well above is a sketch for the cover to my book dummy and I don't know what to do at this point. I've heard conflicting suggestions as to whether one should submit a dummy with a finished color cover or not? Of course I'm going to digest all of your feedback first and foremost on the prilimanary sketch and then decide whether to paint this or not. But I'm totally confused whether one should present the dummy as a concept in sketch form with a few illos in color inside ( which I have) or go with the tremendous temptation to give the cover life so that it will stand out more and be more eye-catching? I've heard that the cover to a picture book is the most art-directed part of a book and so you shouldn't impose a finished concept on the publishers because you might rub them the wrong way. I actually got that feedback a while back when I posted a different, very finished, painted version on the SCBWI boards. But lately since I hit 45 this past June I'm feeling like I should go with my gutt instinct and make it pop a little bit more out of the slush pile. Was curious to know what everyone else here has done with their's? Also any suggestions on the type for the title would be great. I choice this one because I thought it would add some playfulness to the piece. All the traditional fonts seemed very boring when put together with my style. Any info would be great. PS If you didn't spot him the wolf is lurking in the woods to the right making his plans! Oh and thanks so much for the feedback on last week's piece. Great suggestions.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Just in the nick of time!!!!!!!!!!

Hi gals,
I did make it here Monday after all! This is another sketch I switched the text to within the piece. It's not much of a change but it's something I guess. I have three others I'm still working on and will post for next week. It was a really really busy week for me and I honestly have to say I didn't get much drawing done. I can't wait to get back into the swing of things with regard to my art and finish visiting colleges. Although it's been really exciting I need my life back! Hope you all have a more productive week than me. Happy blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Version:

Old Version

Monday, August 20, 2007

"Come on in Sweetie!" said the granny

New Version

Old Version

New Doublespread

Hi gals!
And welcome to Joni and Bonnie! I'm sure I'm speaking for all of us when I tell you how excited we are that you've joined our group. It's a great place to share your talents and ideas in a really supportive and friendly environment. That sounds kind of like a sales pitch but it's not, really! We're looking forward to your wonderful art and hope that the exchange of feedback will help you grow more as artists as it's helped all of us so far!

On another note, the top piece is a revised sketch from my Little Red Riding Hood book dummy I've been working on for over a year now and have almost completed. Yeah!!! Let me know your thoughts on any of it. Have a great, productive week!

Monday, August 13, 2007

New layouts and Ending




Hi Gals,
In an effort to get all of the illo's in my book dummy consistent, with the text incorporated within the pieces, I've gone back to page 17 (the top piece with the wolf at the door) and lengthened it by adding more wall and laying in the text in white so it would show up better. I have five more pages I have to incorporate the text into and then I'll be DONE!!! Yeah!! Of course then I'll be pestering everyone about how to write a decent cover letter and how to deal with the agnst of the dreaded "eternal waiting period". I truly hope something comes of this all. We shall see.

On the bottom "ending" double spread piece I went back to a previous sketch and took it apart. I zoomed in on Granny and Red and set the huntsman giving Mr. Nasty the boot to finalize the story. You let me know what works and doesn't and if the text is all right surrounding the basket. I fiddled with that forever. If anyone has any suggestions send them on over. Looking forward to Bonnie and Joni joining us next week. Hope you're enjoying the blog and getting acquainted with everyone's work if you haven't already! Happy blogging everyone!!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Finally out of the belly!!

Hi girls,

Sorry to say I wasn't able to finish my crits last week. I will do them tonight so take a peek. On another note here's the second to last illo in the book. It comes after last week's piece with the ginormic uvula. It's pretty self explanatory, I hope, and of course am curious to know your thoughts on any of it. Granny has vacated the wolf's belly and is esctatic to be reunited with Red. I was trying to think of a different perspective for this piece and figured Red would look neat reflected on granny's glasses. I'm off to take the kids to the movies and pizza at the mall so I'm not going to blab too much. Hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed the sun like I did!! Happy Blogging qand keep up the great work.

Monday, July 30, 2007

An illo from downunder!

Hi Girls!

Something fresh at last you say right? Feels good to work on another illo finally. Being the slow poke of the group I actually feel proud to have finished my tedious reworking of last week's piece and also being able to come up with one of the final illo's. The one pictured above is, of course, where granny is being saved by the huntsman. I tried to give it a humorous feel so I hope I pulled it off. She's supposed to be really scared stuck down there in the wolf's belly but not scary to our tiny readers. I tested it on my 4 and 6 year olds, Graig and Evan, and they thought it was really funny. I'm happy about that but they're related so it really doesn't count! I could not bring myself to show any "body parts or persons" actually being pulled out of the wolf's mouth or swallowed by the wolf from a far, thus in the piece below you see the huntsman merely prying the mouth open only suggesting the violent act that's about to take place, I think the former would have been too scary.

On the piece below, which you've seen about 20 revisions for, I adjusted Red's eyes so they are more focused on the struggle and changed the huntsman's left hand again. Also added the kicked over stool to add more movement and lengthened the entire piece. Seems like I work backwards though. I start a piece and I always go bigger outside the boundaries of the paper for some reason and then have to physically add a larger paper behind it so that I can add everything I want to it. I then have to scan and blend the whole mess together in photoshop. I guess I have to start on a huge piece of paper so I won't go off the edges. Let me know your thoughts. Your feedback is invaluable!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Reworking Old and New Rough

New expression on Mr. Huntsman above.

Get granny out too!!!!

Hi girls,

I wish I had finished these a bit more before posting but I'm off to do a community project with a group of teens at our local library and I just plain ran out of time. Anyway, I'm trying to soften the look of Mr. Huntsman here. Before he had a more angry scary kind of expression which I think Gina you were right about being too much for the industry. I'm attempting thus to make him look like he's saying "OUCH" because he's feeling the wolf's teeth on his index finger poking him and he's totally perplexed with regard to the situation he's in mind you. Don't know if I've pulled it off yet but you'll let me know. Have a lot more work to do on his eyebrows/expression that I know. Then the next piece I started is where Little Red has just told him to "Get my granny out too!!!" after he's pulled little red out of the wolf's belly. Lots to do on this one too. Let me know your thoughts.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Back from the beach

Hi girls,

Even though I'm missing the sound of the ocean every morning while drinking my cup of coffee on the balcony of my little condo with Isabella Allende's latest novel "Zorro" in hand mind you, I love being home and getting back into the groove of things. I haven't yet done any grooving with my sketch pad and pencil but I'm getting there. Got my two little men off to camp this morning and the two bigs ones up at least by 11:00!! Hope to get one of the 3 last illo's I have to do or redo for my book dummy done for next Monday. Enjoy your week and the warm weather.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Definitely moving at vacation speed

Hi girls!

I haven't done laundry or cooked in 3 DAYS!! Yeah! We are all walking around and enjoying life here in Bethany Beach, De in our bathing suits mainly. Lovin it all! Experiencing great weather and nobody's come down with anything. Really can't ask for more!! I have nothing to post at this time because I've done nothin but caught up on sleep and relaxed a lot with the gang. I will certainly do my crits this week and try to post something for next Monday. I can't let it go for lng. Anyway what I've seen so far on here looks great girls. Hope to get back in the groove with you all. Thanks for the wonderful feedback on last week's pieces. I do miss being home in my tiny little studio though. I'm on my daughter's laptop presently and it's not as convenient as my nice computer at home. I'm in the middle of our condo's dining room trying to concentrate on writing with my two little guys running around and two teenagers warring over the usual stuff. Wouldn't trade it for anyone else's life even though half the time I want to run away to Tahiti!!! Keep up all the beautiful works!!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Finishing but not on time.

Hello girls!
Hope you had a productive week.
I don't know where the time went but I did manage to finish these two sketches. Thanks for the feedback on the hands Brenda I know they were off but I think they are better now? In this top first one the huntsman is frantically looking around for the granny. He has previously knocked the wolf out cold by the doorway. I added some disarray to the room to make this more apparent. I also made the wolf's belly much bigger and left him laying by the door because in the previous scene that's where they were fighting. Does he still look like he's napping? Gina after you mentioned that I realized he did look kind of just relaxed there but didn't know how to make him look "knocked out" really other than adding things to the room that showed there had been a fight.

In the one below I'm hoping you don't think the huntsman is going to freak any little kids out as he's grabbing the wolf by the jaws. But you let me know. I felt since in the book I don't really show any "devouring of bodies" or real grusomeness I figured I'd get a little closer here and show his anticipation as he pries the nasty wolf's jaws apart. There's no text on this illo. It's a full page and the text is on the adjacent page where you also see Little Red already out and pleading with the huntsman to save her granny too!( Not done drawing that one yet)
"And so he took the wolf’s jaws and pulled them apart. As he looked down into the wolf’s throat he could see a brightly colored red cloak. He tugged on it pulling out Little Red Riding Hood very much shaken but still alive. She thanked him withall her heart and said, “Oh, thank you sir! I was so frightened, but hurry, hurry please save my granny,she too is in the wolf’s belly!”
Let me know your thoughts with all of this. Hopefully I didn't confuse you. I'll be leaving for vacation on Saturday for two weeks but will definitely still post my citiques since both of my teenagers are bringing their laptops. Yeah!! I have to stay connected!! If I get a little bit more done on another sketch this week I'll scan it before I leave and post it next Monday. Enjoy the great weather!! I know I will!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Very rough sketch!

Hi gals!

Thanks for the feedback on last weeks pieces. Glad you think I've improved them in general. This project is taking me so long I don't think I'll be able to finish it by the time we leave for our summer vacation on June 23rd! I really wanted to mail it out before then and I just might make it but I'm not going to kill myself over it if I don't. I really want the last couple of sketches to come out well and not have a rushed look to them. Anyway, I barely got this started but it is the scene right after the wolf and huntsman have had it out and the huntsman is looking everywhere for the granny. He realizes that the wolf has most definitely gulped her down, thus his frantic expression, I hope? I have to add everything in between of course. It's a doublespread and the text is going to go below the huntsman and perhaps some above the wolf. I still have to rewrite that part! Oh goodness I'm rambling aren't I? God how I wish we all lived closer and could actually meet once a week. Then you could hear me rambling away! Wouldn't that be cool. Hopefully one day we will meet.

Monday, June 04, 2007

More updates!

Hi Gals!

I'm late again this week posting my critiques but if you take a look you'll see that I gave you feedback just today!! Sorry but I've been really sick with a nasty headcold. I can't believe I got this in June for the love of God! Incessant dry coughing at night and a very cranky attitude in the morning as you can imagine. Ugh!!! Managed to get some work done on my mission to change my book dummy so that the text is designed within most of the illo's. I guess it's kind of like I've had to redo the entire book! But whatever it takes I say. After all the book reviews I had this past year this seemed to be an issue with all of them. To me it looks more like a traditional picture book anyway when the text is within the illo's and also it shows you have the ability to lay it all out, right? Well, here are two pieces I adapted and redrew to a certain extend by hand ( the pencil sketch) and also using photoshop. I widened and lengthened the color piece so I could get the text in at the bottom using the cloning tool in photoshop. The sketch was easier for me to add the extra areas in pencil to the original drawing. I've marked them with "before" and "afters" so it's not too confusing. I hope. Have a great week everyone. PS. Hope you're doing good Carlyn I saw you didn't post this week. Keep us updated.


AFTER: Flipped this one horizontally so that the flow of movement would be from left to right.



Monday, May 28, 2007

Getting Closer to the Finish Line!

Revised Version of Encounter

Old Version of Encounter
Hi Ladies!
I was hoping to get this up here earlier today but like most of you the holiday kept me from working on my art. Excuses excuses right? The weekend was very relaxing I must say, thus the late posting! Anyway I'm running on empty here and just wanted to show you this revised piece I did today(actually this is the second revision but who's counting at this point) and hope you can let me know if it works better with the text inside the illo. I like the two characters closer together as in the top piece. I think it creates more tension, but of course that's for you to judge. I have a couple of more pages to revise before I send this off and am very much focusing on the light at the end of the tunnel!! OK I'll stop using the word "revised". Thanks in advance.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

And Yet Another Revision!

Hi Ladies,

Posting a little early this week because tomorrow Monday, let's just say I'm booked to the max with my kids activites! I know I'll never get to the computer so here I am on Sunday. Anyway thanks so much for the suggestions on last week's piece with Red and her Mom. I'm definitely sticking with the larger view of the room with the billowing window curtains showing the wolf outside sniffing the air. I cropped it a bit closer so the perspective on the room is better and you can't notice all of the wonderful flaws, like Red being to long and tall compared to her mom, also you can see the wolf outside much better now too! Thanks great suggestions. On a new note this piece I've posted here ( a doublespread by the way) I was going to leave out of the book dummy but decided to bring it back because I really like the aerial view. I posted this last year but it wasn't finished to this level and the layout of the text was all wacky. Anyway,without rambling too much more let me know your thoughts. I've posted all my comments on your pieces just today for this past week so take a look if you haven't already. Again sorry for being so late again. I was able to get a lot of work done today on the computer. I take whatever I get around here so if the kids aren't around I'm working if they're around forget about it. Have a great week.

Monday, May 14, 2007

More Revisions!!


After ( Now a doublespread)

Close up of wolf outside

Hi Gals,
Thanks for all of the feedback last week. I knew it was too much to try and put all of those pieces on one sheet! It looked so crowded to me I don't know what I was thinking. Have adjusted appropriately and sent a batch out. Yeh!! In an effort to get my book dummy where I want it to be, mostly finished and out of my hair, I'm redoing some of the scenes to integrate the text in with the illo. hopefully this one works. Oh and I know the room looks a bit austere, I have to add more little details to the furniture and such. Will do. I have added the wolf in the window sniffing the air form the edge of the woods. Thus the fly away curtains in the open breeze to draw attention to his tiny figure. I suppose he will be more noticeable in color. Let me know your thoughts and keep up the great work! Hope all of you all had a nice mother's day whether you are a mother or have a mom and were able to celebrate. I had a great day drawing, reading and just "chillin" as the young crowd calls it and had a delicious meal cooked by everyone in the house except me! Loved it.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Having fun in Photoshop!!!!

Promotional mailer:



Hi girls!

Sorry I posted my critiques so late again this week but that's the best I could do. Lately I've been running around like a chicken without a head. I finished them all so take a peek. I didn't forget you. Anyway, I've been having a good week playing around in photoshop and changing my first page to my book dummy so that the text is within the piece. I'm going to go in this direction with most of the book so hopefully you'll bear with me with all of my revisions! I had to make this piece of Little Red wider and taller so I could pull this off and also repainted the sky using only photoshop. How exciting! This is something very new to me being able to change a piece without actually getting the paints out! Anyway, if I screwed it up and it looks way off I know you'll tell me. Also I got a promotional sheet ready to send out and wanted to know if it's too crowded? You be the judges. Have a fabulous week and try those Ice chips Carlyn, they might help you. Feel better soon.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Conference was fun but "Crappy" too

Hey gals,

Just got back from the illustrator's day conference in NYC and had a pretty good day. Recognized some people from last year and yapped my little head away all day. The book review was a bit "crappy" ,sorry for the language but I don't know any other way to describe it. From the moment I set eyes on the person, no names mentioned of course, that was going to review my book dummy I knew it was not going to be good. She was really angry looking? Had definitely woken up on the wrong side of the bed and became very defensive when I asked her what her background was. I actually thought that was a legitimate question since I wanted to know what knowledge she was basing her critique on. All the other conferences I've been to always have a little bio on all of the speakers, editors, etc.. so you know who you're dealing with. And I asked her right up front too not after she started throwing the daggers so it wasn't a defnsive move on my part I was just trying to break the ice a bit or iceburg I should say. Or I guess she started throwing the daggers because I asked her? Who knows? I have a very tough skin so I made the best of it. Oh the funniest part of the whole thing was that in the middle of everything she asked why I didn't show Little Red Riding Hood being swallowed up by the wolf? I was like Huh??? I answered, "Wouldn't that be a bit much for the little ones who read these stories? Don't you think they would get scared? She answered "You might have a point there". God give me strength!
All in all though the day certainly wasn't wasted since I adore NYC and had the chance to talk to one of the artists' agents that was a speaker. I gave her my samples, which she loved, and said she would look at my site and email me if she was interested. Who knows , something might come of it. Well that's enough venting for now and I'm in need of lots of sleep so I'm off to bed. The piece I posted here is one of the last scenes from the book dummy. Let me know your thoughts and my apologies if I sounded whiny I just had to vent.