Monday, December 04, 2006

Holiday Card

Hi ladies,

Thanks so much for your feedback on my "oh so not perfect" rhyming. I'll take everything into consideration and see what I come up with! On another note, above is my holiday card for this season which I managed to bang out today. Unbelievably. We are leaving for Florida on Friday so I won't be posting anything until the following week. I will have internet access while on vacation and will try to keep up with my critiques. Let me know your thoughts on this piece. I'll be mailing it out to friends and family by Thursday so if you see anything really off let me know. Of course, for a portfolio piece I will be leaving the names out. Oh Carlyn I didn't do a close up on your Anne Bolyne until after Gina mentioned the funky teeth! Didn't mean to sound like that actually looked like you. I'm sure you figured that, I hope anyway. Thanks in advance all and Happy blogging.