Sunday, November 19, 2006

New sketch from Little Red Riding Hood

Hi gals,
Just thought I'd post my latest sketch for one of the pages of my book dummy. Below is part of the text in rhyme I wrote for it. This is the part where the grandma is looking for something special to give her grand daughter and remembers she has something for her under the bed. Will be emailing more of story shortly. Let me know your thoughts, thanks! and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Beneath her bed there lie a chest,
with things the grandma loved the best.

In it a cape from long ago,
she’d worn to town her goods in tow.

The color was a precious red,
good for a girl more young instead!"


  1. Hi Giselle,

    I'm not trying to re-write your poem, but I'd write;
    Beneath her bed, there was a chest
    with things the grandma loved the best.
    It held a cape from long ago,
    she'd worn the fight cold and snow.
    The color was a vivid red
    to suit a younger girl instead.

    Just a bit more rythmic I think. I always think of musical beats when I write poems. It helps.

    Okay, on to the drawing, which I love! Now that I know your style, I can envision it in color, and this will be beautiful! The lighting will be great. Nice work. :D Lisa

  2. Hi Giselle,
    I love the looseness of this sketch. That is not easy to do. Reminds me a lot of contour line drawing. The eyes are great. The illo goes well with the words you have written! I look forward to seeing thiss in color!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Hi Giselle -
    Love grandma! It looks like this new sketch is coming along great. Grandma's body language and expression are perfect for this scene. Makes me wonder if she'll be able to get up.
    The only suggestion I have is to keep on doing what ya doin! Best of luck -
    Happy Thanksgiving, peace, cheer and abundance to all. Chris

  4. oh this illustration is perfect. I love all the wrinkles in her face. I actually think you might want to crop the image closer to her face. You lose the magic of her expresssion when you zoom out from the face. It is a great composition too...maybe just a slight tigher crop?

    the poem. I hate to be the meter police but it is off in serveral places. example -

    in it a CAPE from long aGO
    she'd WORN to TOWN her GOODS in TOW.

    And some of the rhymes sound forced instead of unexpected. example - chest & best. best is a dull word. it says nothing about the treasures.

    don't ask me to come out with anything better though. rhyme is tough. I swore that I would never do another one after Ballyhoo. way too hard.

  5. Hi Giselle!
    You know, a long long time ago, before I knew you and you knew me, I remember you posted an image of an old school teacher pointing her scary finger at a little girl in class...yes?! I LOVED that illustration and always remembered your name after that! Anyway, this piece is reminding me of that and, not that grandma should be or will be that scary, I know how well you do wrinkles and such so I'm sure this will be great! I think I agree with Carlyn in that let's focus right in on grandma! I'd rather see more of her and less of the box. We can still get a feeling of the box being there without seeing the whole thing. Of course, I'm big on this personally. 99% of the time I start off with a sketch and end up zooming WAAAAY in! Just more interesting to me, personally! And I have to laugh because the first thing I thought was exactly what Chris said,...I hope she can get back up!! :) Of course, not a problem compositionally, a bit of comic relief if anything! :)

    Great job, Giselle!