Sunday, November 12, 2006

Haven't come far enough along on my authoring yet!

Hi all!
Well, I'm still at it., that is the rhyming version of my Little Red story but it' moving along. Oh and thanks so much for all the feedback on the pros and cons of this style of writing. None taken lightly believe me! I find myself changing it over and over again until I narrow it down to something I can tolerate at this point. Maybe I'm reworking it too much, who knows. I don't have enough to show you yet but promise to soon enough. So for this week I'm sorry to say I've chickened out and won't be emailing you all anything just yet. Hopefully a fresh start in the morning will let me get the part I'm working on finished. Wish me luck! and happy blogging!!!!!

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  1. Good luck on your writing and do have a blast! I can't wait to read it from first rhyme to last... (sorry, I couldn't help myself!) ;) -Gina