Sunday, November 26, 2006

Did you mean this one Gina? Some more editing on my writing needed!!

Hi gals!

Thanks so much for last week's feedback on my rhyming and sketch! Very helpful! Glad you liked the sketch overall too. I will definitely zoom in more on grandma's face in the color version. And yes Gina, I did the piece above of a nasty teacher last year. She was actually my Kindergarten teacher and I was mortified of her! I remember her like it was yesterday! That was a very long time ago too.

On another note here's some more of my Little Red story in rhyme. Let me know where it's off or what sounds awkward etc. I didn't get what you meant exactly about the tempo Carlyn. I've been trying to get the piece to have 8 syllables and then break with a comma and the last two words of each part of the phrase rhyme. Don't know help!! More suggestions would be greatly appreciated. It's all new to me but a lot of fun too.

"There was a girl so sweet and kind , to give a hand she’d never mind.
A warm and glad embrace she’d ask, upon completion of a task.
Rain or shine she’d find a way, to make the best of every day.

One day her grandma thought to find, for she was almost nearly blind,
a gift to give to her grand child, that didn’t mind to walk the mile,
along a path deep in the wood, for this was where her cottage stood.

Beneath her bed there lie a chest, with things the grandma loved the best.
It held a cape from long ago, she’d worn to town her goods in tow.
The color was a precious red, to suit a girl more young instead!

This lovely cape it fit just right, not short or long not even tight.
Red Riding Hood they called her so, she wore this cape for all to know,
Grandma’s gift she thought a treasure, love for her there was no measure! "

Sunday, November 19, 2006

New sketch from Little Red Riding Hood

Hi gals,
Just thought I'd post my latest sketch for one of the pages of my book dummy. Below is part of the text in rhyme I wrote for it. This is the part where the grandma is looking for something special to give her grand daughter and remembers she has something for her under the bed. Will be emailing more of story shortly. Let me know your thoughts, thanks! and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Beneath her bed there lie a chest,
with things the grandma loved the best.

In it a cape from long ago,
she’d worn to town her goods in tow.

The color was a precious red,
good for a girl more young instead!"

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Haven't come far enough along on my authoring yet!

Hi all!
Well, I'm still at it., that is the rhyming version of my Little Red story but it' moving along. Oh and thanks so much for all the feedback on the pros and cons of this style of writing. None taken lightly believe me! I find myself changing it over and over again until I narrow it down to something I can tolerate at this point. Maybe I'm reworking it too much, who knows. I don't have enough to show you yet but promise to soon enough. So for this week I'm sorry to say I've chickened out and won't be emailing you all anything just yet. Hopefully a fresh start in the morning will let me get the part I'm working on finished. Wish me luck! and happy blogging!!!!!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

So much fun writing!!

Hi gals,
I've been rewriting my Little Red Riding Hood story and been enjoying it tremendously! I actually rewrote it to my liking first and then some of the lines had a bit of a ryhme to them so I continued in that direction and am now rewriting the whole thing in ryhme! Don't know if I'll ever finish but I am totally engrossed in it. I know all of my kids always have loved stories like that so I figured I'd give it a whirl and try it out on them. They liked the little that I had so I kept going. Anyway at some point I will email it to you all for feedback. In the meantime I'm getting my latest mailing out and trying to recover from a very obnoxious headcold! Argh!!
Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!