Sunday, October 22, 2006

Wow!! Now that was what I call a conference!!

I've come home from my Rutger's University Children's Book Council Conference totally re- inspired by the atmosphere at this gathering! I have to tell you I have not been to too many conferences but this one was absolutely wonderful. I got to sit at a round table of some very down to earth, incredibly talented published illustrators and authors who only had positive things to say about the industry and gave us all a new sense of hope and and told us to keep up our perseverence and just keep moving forward. I know a big part of their being there was to promote their works but considering they are not paid one red cent for donating a whole day to this conference they should really be commended. I had a great one on one portfolio and book dummy review with Eddie Weinberg from McGraw Hill/MacMillan. Right off the bat I told her I had a tough skin and would have no quams with any negative criticism she might have to say about my work. It was very positive overall but she did tell me that she wasn't partial to colored pencil as are many houses because of reproduction problems. I had a few pieces in this medium and she suggested I shy away from that and stick with the paint!! So yes Gina I guess we have to let go of those blessed little sticks, argh!! She gave me some great pointers on my book dummy about page layout etc. In the end I was very happy because she said with a tiny bit of more tweaking it should be sent out as soon as possible. That was very inspiring. Can't wait until tommorow morning when my house is silent and everyone is tucked away at school and work so I can dig into my stuff. Oh, the illustrators at my table were Denise Brunkus ( Junie Bee Jones series) the other was Sophie Blackall ("Meet Wild Boars" it won the Society of Illustrators Founders' award) and Ponder Goembel "Castaway Cats" also Lena Shiffman "Coralito's Bay" was the moderator of the group. They all have many books published. I just listed their current works. Anyway, I'm off to bed early tonight so I can get an early start tomorrow!!!! Happy blogging!!!!!!!!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time and got a lot of good information. It's always great to meet talented people who can help with questions as well. Have fun getting to work this week!

  2. How exciting! Thanks for giving us the scoop on colored pencil. Huh, never thought about reproduction being a problem. Guess I'd better keep working on alternatives!
    I imagine you feel like you recieved a shot of adrenalin after being around so many successful and talented people...and I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  3. Giselle -
    Sounds like you had another great experience at what sounds like a great conference!
    Congrats and get that dummy out!
    I wish my house would get empty more often during the days so I can have some quality drawing time. I'm looking forward to some snow so my mom will be content staying at her house and not calling me to drive her all over Vt. Although, I have to admit, it was a beautiful Fall season this year. The good news is - snow this week!!! Yea!
    Well, have fun drawing and good luck with everything! Thanks for sharing the conf. with us.
    By the way, was this an invite conference only or can any illustrator go?
    Thanks again - Chris

  4. Giselle, this conference sounds truly inspiring! I think I would have been a bit nervous to be at the same table as Ponder Goembel and the others (gulp!) but also incredibly excited! That's GREAT news about your dummy, get that thing out there asap!! And thanks for the info, I'm feeling inspired now myself...! -Gina

  5. Great!!! I was hoping some of my excitement would rub off on you all. You're right Lisa I do feel like I was given a shot of adrenalin after leaving the conference!. Woo Hoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!